Lottie Unwin
English, Homerton Lottie was the only Fresher to turn up to the Tab's squash last year, but since then has proved her dedication, travelling to Egypt and India and ensuring she is always the first drunk at any Tab 'lash up' in the name of student journalism. Her reviews have brewed controversy, accused of 'scorching remarks and cynicism' and asked by 'Nilo', 'Jeez ms Unwin, is week 5 that time of the month for you or something??'

Varsity Hotel

LOTTIE UNWIN luxuriates in the most wonderful hotel she’s ever stayed in.

Homerton May Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN takes a belated review as an opportunity to make a petition: Homerton College need to back their balls and give the committee a chance.

Best Dressed: Magdalene

The Tab was outside Magdalene last night snapping the white tie finery.

Best Dressed: Tit Hall June Event

The Tab was in the Tit Hall June Event queue snapping the beautiful and their very high heels.

Making Money: Part 1

In the first of a two part series The Tab talks to a Computer Science student making big money designing websites and an Engineer who sells lightbulbs.

Marriage Material

With graduation coming up, The Tab talks to some students who have plans to tie the knot already.

Grads: Business Brains

The Real World awaits. Here’s what two very entrepreneurial graduates are up to – running business models where you’re the target market.

True West

Editor LOTTIE UNWIN sees True Potential often realised in the sweatily appropriate beer-sodden den of the Corpus Playroom.

Stewart Lee’s Vegetable Stew

Stewart Lee gets a smile, but not a laugh, from editor LOTTIE UNWIN.

The Tab’s Alternative CUSU Manifestos

CUSU elections are just hours away, but we’re sure you already knew that. Here, the candidates answer the questions you want to know the answers to.

Best Dressed: Dystopia

Cambridge’s coolest gathered in their glad rags on Saturday.

Churchill Spring Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN paints ‘not a glamourous picture but… one of debaucherous good fun’ of Churchill Spring Ball.

Jailbreak: The How To Guide

LOTTIE UNWIN, who came 4th making it all the way to Egypt for a weekend of shisha, sun and no sleep, shares her tips on making the most out of Jailbreak.

Why Today We Must Remember to Remember

Associate Editor LOTTIE UNWIN bemoans the lack of respect shown today for the fallen.

Milton Jones at The Wolfson Howler

LOTTIE UNWIN gets her lolz out with the lads.

Top Girls

LOTTIE UNWIN finds feminist drama to be a game of two halves.

St. Edmunds May Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN: ‘There were truly meaty burgers, delicious smoked salmon crepes and if you batted your fake eye-lashes enough, divine hog roast, but doing the ball basics well wasn’t quite enough.’

Alternative May Week Guide

If you forgot to buy ball tickets or you’re floundering in apathy, LOTTIE UNWIN has some solutions.

Review: Good For You

LOTTIE UNWIN: ‘With a bit of re-writing and a heavy dose of T.L.C who knows what this show might become.’

Review: Dan Antopolski and Colin Hoult

‘Colin Hoult’s Carnival of Magical Creatures was a bizarre and hilarious array of characterisations’ but ‘With an adorable smirk that relished in being funny, Dan Antopoloski was arguably even better.’

Summer Jobs: Child’s Play

The Tab’s guide to making money looking after kids.

Review: Stewart Francis

LOTTIE UNWIN: Stewart Francis ‘has claim to the title of best Canadian stand up I have ever seen. It wasn’t a long short list.’

Review: Wolfson Howler

LOTTIE UNWIN: ‘I will never again not be at the Wolfson Howler. I can’t dispute there aren’t flaws but, for a fiver it is a fantastic night of honest, unpolished stand up.’

Summer Jobs: The Long Haul

Looking for something to do with the summer? Here is The Tab’s pick of some jobs still available.

“Life’s Way Too Beautiful and Fascinating to Spend Time On Fashion Rules”. Discuss.

Clemence Poesy need not remind us, ‘Life’s Way Too Beautiful and Fascinating to Spend Time On Fashion Rules’. No one does anyway.

Review: Frimston and Rowett

LOTTIE UNWIN: ‘If Carling did comedy, Frimston and Rowett would be the rival, retailed at the price of Frosty Jacks.’

May Week Tickets Still On Sale

The Tab selects the pick of the May Week tickets still on sale.

Review: She’s Not There

LOTTIE UNWIN ‘couldn’t help but feel that the play, which on paper has nothing wrong with it, deserved more support’ from a bigger audience.’

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 8.

Review: Spring Revue

LOTTIE UNWIN says you should go and see this. Oh wait, it’s sold out. Shame that.

Review: Dave Gorman – Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up

‘Go if ever you can’ – LOTTIE UNWIN is decisively positive that this a comic worth following.

Review: The Woman in Black

LOTTIE UNWIN will be sleeping with the light on for a few days.

Review: Jo Caulfield Won’t Shut Up

LOTTIE UNWIN enjoyed this down to earth comic who took no laugh for granted.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 7.

Review: My Wonderful Day

LOTTIE UNWIN thinks with 73 shows under his belt, Alan Ayckbourn shows the Cambridge theatre scene how it’s done.

Review: Lee Mack- Going Out

It takes the Maypole’s Colin to show LOTTIE UNWIN the merits of Lee Mack.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 6.

Review: Alex Horne – Wordwatching

LOTTIE UNWIN and ROB SMITH can think of very little funnier than this original show.

TABTV: Churchill Springball

As some coked-up rocker once said, “If you can remember anything about the sixties, then you weren’t really there.” The Tab can remember Churchill Springball because we took some shakey video footage. For everyone else, spot on.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 5.

Review: The Vagina Monologues

LOTTIE UNWIN challenges all men and encourages all women to go and see this show.

Review: Macbeth

LOTTIE UNWIN is unsurprised Macbeth does nothing to cheer her up.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 4.

Review: The Chinese State Circus

LOTTIE UNWIN loves everything about the circus, spare the clowns themselves.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 2

Review: Signatures

LOTTIE UNWIN thinks if, like her, you think contemporary dance sounds horrific you should broaden your horizons.

Review: An Audience With Sally Morgan

LOTTIE UNWIN thinks Sally Morgan has no more psychic powers than she does.

Review: The Velvet Onion Comedy Club

LOTTIE UNWIN samples Cambridge’s new monthly comedy night.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 1

The Race Is On

LOTTIE UNWIN warns Varsity and TCS to prepare for Failbreak

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 0

Sober Cindies Anyone?

Only 12 per cent of British teens don’t drink. LOTTIE UNWIN tries to join their number.

Review: Selwyn Snowball

A good spend of the overdraft despite a stupid one way system and few festive trappings.

Review: Troilus and Cressida

A production not worth bothering with, even if you’re an English student trying to skip on some revision.

Review: Speed Dating

LOTTIE UNWIN goes looking for love and ends up swapping heads with a French lothario.

Review: Valued Friends

Valued Friends isn’t a play that makes you want to change the world but it is one that you don’t want to end.

Review: Marvin’s Room

Marvin’s Room makes for a moving and enjoyable evening but doesn’t quite hit the spot for LOTTIE UNWIN.

Review: What’s Wrong With Angry?

LOTTIE UNWIN decides there’s not a lot wrong with What’s Wrong With Angry?

Review: The House of Bernarda Alba

LOTTIE UNWIN decides that this experiment doesn’t quite work at the ADC.

Review: A Streetcar Named Desire

**1/2- Lottie Unwin finds sex appeal but little else in this week’s main show at the ADC.

Theatre Review: Six Characters in Search of an Author

*****- Don’t read this review: instead go out and see this play.

Feeling Fresh

LOTTIE UNWIN reflects on Freshers’ Week.

Food Review: De Luca

***- Good Italian fare hiding behind a pretentious name.