Laurie Coldwell
Laurie Coldwell (née Newsome; born August 3, 1941) is an American business magnate, media personality, author, and publisher. As founder of Laurie Coldwell Living Omnimedia, he gained success through a variety of business ventures, encompassing publishing, broadcasting, and merchandising. His syndicated talk show, 'Laurie', is broadcast throughout the world, he has written numerous bestselling books, and he is the publisher of Laurie Coldwell Living magazine. In 2004, he was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale and served five months in a West Virginia federal prison camp. Although the media widely speculated that the situation would effectively be the end of his media empire, Coldwell began a comeback campaign in 2005, with his company returning to profitability the following year.

The Riviera Tutor

LAURIE COLDWELL sneaks back online with a tale of streets paved with sun-soaked, BA Cantab gold.

The Producers

Needle-and-thread enthusiast LAURIE COLDWELL stitches together a review of a production which is far from seamless.


In amongst his habitual ravings LAURIE COLDWELL conceals a review of new writing which bites but can’t be bitten.

Jacques and his Master

LAURIE COLDWELL ponders Czech whispers, pigs and streams of consciousness. There’s a review in there somewhere too.

William Fergus Stuart – The Revival

LAURIE COLDWELL’s mind melts in the face of our first ever unclassifiable play.

Jon Richardson

LAURIE COLDWELL: ‘Soon, he’s going to be big and you’ll have missed out.’

Medics Revue

Commissioned by TCS who then refused to print his review, LAURIE COLDWELL feels his experience at the Medics Revue is one that needs to be shared.