Bean Urquhart
Social Editor

Soton SU Pres says she wants to ‘paint over’ war memorial mural

The mural was painted in 1916 as a memorial to British universities serving in the great war

36 things you will definitely hear in an all-girls house in third year

By the end of the year you will all be full-time sad girls

Justin Murphy boasts online about stealing from self-checkouts and using ecstasy and weed

Will this man ever stop?

Gather round boys and girls, for I have a tale to tell, but first it’s the Clubbers of the Week!

We’re back… did you make it?

Paedophile who had UK’s worst collection of images avoids jail and keeps place at Southampton

Barry Shaw was previously jailed for six years on paedophile charges

Transphobic stickers found in toilets on campus

The stickers were first reported to the Students’ Union last night

Meet the Charity Shop Boy: The laid-back guy with a wardrobe better than yours

He definitely has a second Instagram for his sub-par photography skills

Southampton Uni launch investigation into professor who compared abortion to necrophilia

Murphy has also been accused of ableist language

How to make the most banging pres playlist

Get the tunes on

Quad Vods, Jesticles and Manzil’s: How to speak fluent ‘Southampton’

You don’t even want to know what the ‘Four Corner Challenge’ is

‘From Hackney to Oxford’: Soton dropout crowdfunds £30k so he can take up place at Oxford Uni

Roy Celaire has raised over £27k after getting a place at Oxford

I spent two days taking the spiritual psychoactive ‘Ayahuasca’ on a reclusive island

We spoke to someone who travelled thousands of miles to try the psychoactive drug on a secret retreat

Southampton is in the top ten MOST expensive cities to live in for undergraduates

Sorry? Are you sure? My wardrobe grows mould…

FemSoc Catwalk 4 Consent live blog

Following the action of the FemSoc Catwalk, stay tuned…

Bongo’s Bingo is back in Soton!

The craziest bingo game returns to Switch on Saturday 28th April

Snow forecasted for Soton this weekend

The Met Office release another weather warning for this weekend

Southampton UCU reject UUK’s offer and strikes continue this week

No agreement has been made and so lecturers remain on strike

What to do on a snow day

It hasn’t snowed unless I put it on my Insta

Tariq Manzil’s is doing a Valentine’s Day meal special!

Because what’s more romantic than smelling of Bhuna and Garlic Naan?!