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Are you Soton’s maddest fresher? Nominations are now OPEN!

Get nominating, you c-r-Azy freshers

Emily Dawes has officially stepped down as Union President

SUSU released a statement on their website this afternoon

While SUSU remain silent about Emily Dawes, they ask students to vote on whether they should start selling meal deals

We may not have a Union president for the rest of the year, but at least we’ll have £3 lunches, right?

‘Don’t trust everything you read’: The real Dennis McNennis comes clean and reveals he wasn’t the Switch Shitter

Meet the four Southampton students who managed to fool us all

Emily Dawes is ‘due back into work’ the day after Remembrance Sunday

That’s this coming Monday

The votes are in: Here’s the new name of Charlie’s Bargain Booze

It’s official

Soton societies campaigning against men’s sexual assault this Movember

As well as men’s mental health, let’s open up the conversation around men’s sexual assault

‘It’s okay to be white’ sign found in Hartley Library

Students are speculating whether the sign is linked to Emily Dawes’ war mural tweet

20 laptops were stolen from unoccupied desks in Hartley last week

Librarians are warning students to take their laptops every time they leave their desks

Vote for Charlie’s Bargain Booze new brand name

Probably the MOST important decision of your university life

Here are Soton freshers’ most tragic sex confessions

What are you lot like…

Soton SU Pres says she wants to ‘paint over’ war memorial mural

The mural was painted in 1916 as a memorial to British universities serving in the great war

Justin Murphy boasts online about stealing from self-checkouts and using ecstasy and weed

Will this man ever stop?

Gather round boys and girls, for I have a tale to tell, but first it’s the Clubbers of the Week!

We’re back… did you make it?

Paedophile who had UK’s worst collection of images avoids jail and keeps place at Southampton

Barry Shaw was previously jailed for six years on paedophile charges

Transphobic stickers found in toilets on campus

The stickers were first reported to the Students’ Union last night

Meet the Charity Shop Boy: The laid-back guy with a wardrobe better than yours

He definitely has a second Instagram for his sub-par photography skills

Southampton Uni launch investigation into professor who compared abortion to necrophilia

Murphy has also been accused of ableist language

How to make the most banging pres playlist

Get the tunes on

Quad Vods, Jesticles and Manzil’s: How to speak fluent ‘Southampton’

You don’t even want to know what the ‘Four Corner Challenge’ is