Jonny Long
Jonny Long
Assistant Editor

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They also called her a ‘cotton picking fuck’

Which is the easiest university to get into in the UK?

No prizes for guessing it’s not Oxbridge

We’ve ranked UK cities in order of how much they love chicken nugs, because someone had to

You may need dipping sauce for this

New data reveals exactly how many students are middle class at your uni

Literally EVERYONE is middle class

Exposed: The young British political aides making jokes about rape and sexual assault

The comments were made in the “Young Liberal Society” Facebook group

These are officially the subjects with the least contact hours

Shockingly, Medicine and Engineering don’t feature

Vote: Which costume won Halloween 2017?

From student overdrafts to Robbie Travers

We spoke to the students who dressed as Buckfast and Lambrini for Halloween

Last year they went as grapes but have since ‘matured’

Jason Derulo allegedly owes a students’ union £20,000

Mmm Whatcha Say? You want your money back?

How to have a threesome without leaving someone out, by the man who did his PhD on threesomes

It will never happen for you, but just in case

Remember all of your favourite Kerrang! bands? This is where they are now

Is Josh Franceschi still likely to steal my girlfriend?

These are officially the best smoking areas in the country, as voted for by you

*Dramatic pause*

A Tory MP has demanded to see what universities will be teaching on Brexit this year

Lecturers are not happy

Private: The Queen owns her own branch of Greggs

Really, how lucky can one person be

Who are the creepy guys thinking the ‘Skeleboner’ is the perfect Halloween costume?

‘The funny side of Halloween is here!’

Imagining what it would be like to take your uni on a first date

Gutted if you’re St Andrews

What your Cov Uni sports society says about you

Seriously tho why do all the netball girls look the same?

‘Prosecco drunk’ is a thing and it’s been proven by actual, real-life science

I knew I wasn’t making it up

Universities will be fined for no-platforming controversial speakers

The government are forcing unis to tackle safe space culture