Jess Middleton-Pugh
King's, History of Art (graduated) After trying to make her degree seem vaguely useful in The Tab's Culture section, Jessica has decided that graduating from Cambridge is the perfect time to develop some opinions of her own. Outside of writing for The Tab, she lives and works with homeless people, in an attempt to gain the skills necessary to set up her own charity 'Adopt An Art Historian' - aimed at supporting graduates who suffer a nervous breakdown out of fear of the real world.

Debate: Committed in Cambridge?

One-night-stands or one love? Is it wrong to be in a relationship at university?

CB1 Poetry

‘Anything that is ‘Open Mic’ runs the risk of the mad, bad or sad of the creative arts taking their moment of glory.’ JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH braves the edgy artists at The Punter for some open mic poetry.

Sorority Girls

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH and the sisters are doing it for themselves.

The Best Of The Thesps

Oxbridge alumni dominate the theatre world. And quite rightly.

Vermeer’s Women: Secrets and Silence @ The Fitz

‘It may make you want to throw away your paintbrush in disgust’. JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH waxes lyrical about the charms of 17th century Dutch artists.

How Do We Experience Art?

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH steps, blinking, out of the art gallery, and ponders the art out there in the ‘real world’. Is the best we can do really George Osborn standing on the fourth plinth in a silly moustache?

Be Patronised

The University’s latest attempt to get state school pupils to apply to Cambridge is patronising, ill-considered tripe.

Bridget Riley @ Kettle’s Yard

JESS-MIDDLETON PUGH isn’t impressed by the sickly-sweet candy colours on display at Bridget Riley’s new exhibition at Kettle’s Yard.

The Cambridge Matchbox Project @ The Shop

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH enjoys The Cambridge Matchbox Project at The Shop, and looks forward to similar art on a bigger scale in the future.

Sir Peter Blake @ Cambridge Contemporary Art

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH takes Peter Blake’s pop art at face value, but can’t help thinking it’s just a bit tired.

Andy Holden @ Kettle’s Yard

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH is impressed by the silliness of Andy Holden’s current exhibition, which lacks pretension and revels in fun.

Italian Drawings and Italian Etchings @ The Fitz

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH enjoys these exhibitions at The Fitz, but admits that they may, possibly, be a little boring.