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News Editor, The Tab

Revealed: Bristol Uni tried to block affordable new halls scheme

Bristol wanted the idea to be ‘removed from the proposal altogether’

Are you brave enough to be in AC-12? Answer this quiz to the letter of the law

Have you been watching Line of Duty, fella?

Breaking: Zamzam Ibrahim elected as the new NUS President

She’s promised a National Student Strike

This weirdo YouTuber snogged his ‘ACTUAL SISTER’ for a ‘PRANK’

Stop the YouTubers

The story of Louella Michie and Ceon Broughton: How a night at Bestival ended with a death and a jail sentence

On Friday, Ceon Broughton was sentenced to eight years in prison for killing his girlfriend

Meet the Tyskie Boy, the sad boy’s marginally cooler mate

It’s strictly Polish lager for this lad

These Valentine’s Clubbers will make you cry into your microwave meal

You’re so fucking alone, but in the end we all are

Emily took her own life months into university. Then the screenshots and photos of her abuse came out

For three years, Emily’s family have been fighting for the truth to come out. This is her story

Who are the students of Turning Point UK? The group FINALLY taking uni back from lefties

They really want to make being a Tory cool again

Exclusive: Bestival 2019 isn’t happening

Police sources have confirmed to The Tab

Here is the LEAKED Fyre Festival investor pitch in all its glory

There’s no mention of dick sucking

Can you complete this fiendish Inbetweeners quiz, mate?

Ooooh, quiz

Getting into uni is hard – especially when you don’t know anyone who’s been

Mat never thought uni was an option. Now he wants to put himself to the test

Run! Hide! It’s the Scottish Freshers’ Clubbers of the Week

They’re having a laugh and there’s nothing you can do

Are red and yellow and green peppers actually the same? We debunk your favourite capsicum myths

It was too good to be true, sorry

Get out of my swamp and find out which Shrek character is your uni

Pray your university didn’t get Lord Farquaard

We asked Brits if these Aussie words were sexual or not and they got it very wrong

Do you know your bogans from your frangers?

Stay loyal to this Georgia from Love Island Clubbers of the Week special edition

She even got a photo with Gazza

‘I was more upset than them’: Inside the manic clearing offices of A Level results day

It’s brutal

Which uni is the most oversubscribed in the UK? Find out here

Everybody wants to go to St Andrews