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Sainsbury’s six bottles of Prosecco for £1.50 each trick is back in time for Easter!!!

This is a bit of me

Breaking: Chaos at NUS conference as 150 protesters occupy stage and hall is cleared

We have reached peak NUS

If you’ve got a story about racism at uni, we want to hear it and expose it

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Strikes?! What strikes? These hot clubbers party on while strikes close universities across the land

Who gives a fuck

Dundee Uni students have formed a ‘Tennent’s Appreciation Society’ after the SU bar replaced their favourite beer with Carling

A war for the right lager, that is.

Bath students occupying VC’s office are being forced to pee in bottles as security block them from using toilets

And abseil them out of the window

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Spiked’s Free Speech uni rankings punish unis for banning anti-Semitism

Why would anyone take these irrelevant rankings seriously?