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These are officially the fittest UK students on Tinder in 2019

Yes you can have my seat in the library

The Home Office spent £57,000 on those anti-knife crime chicken boxes


‘White counsellors don’t understand’: Why BME students don’t get the help they need at uni

‘My counsellor wasn’t that understanding of my experience as a BAME person. So I just stopped going.’

Amy has released her Love Island audition vid and…it’s very Amy

Tbh I love it

An early election was aimed at stopping students voting, BoJo aides admit

Naughty naughty

Meet the most right-swiped people on Tinder in the UK in 2019

You are about to feel verrrry inadequate

Here’s what Yewande and Marcel said in their Love Island evidence to MPs

Is this real life?

The John Lewis student essentials collection is the most middle-class thing yet

But where is the ket spoon?

Eight items from Molly-Mae’s new PrettyLittleThing collection ALREADY existed

That’s nearly a fifth!!!!!

Kendall Jenner and other Fyre Festival influencers are being sued

Court papers also have revealed exactly how much they got paid

Watch the moment Theo Campbell got blinded by a champagne cork

He’s also explained exactly what happened

If you can locate these obscure unis on a map, you deserve a VC’s salary

Ok this is actually quite hard

Fluffed lines and washing up: The secrets of the Bake Off tent

Fair warning, we’re not going to tell you how Paul got his eyes like that

Dark Fruits and duvets: Inside Tesco, Reading Festival’s most iconic venue

Truly, if you know, you know

It’s official: These are the hardest unis to get into in the UK

If you’re not on this list you’re tinpot

The subjects who actually work the hardest, revealed

Weep for the medics who only managed second

A man has been arrested for the murder of Hull student Libby Squire

Hundreds of police searched for Libby for six weeks after she went missing

The unis where students spend the most on a night out, ranked

Fairplay to Liverpool students here

Meet the students who turned down Oxbridge

‘I only met one other Northerner in my college during my interview week’

PSA: You could get up to £600 back from the Student Loan Company

Get that rebate bread