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How the coronavirus crisis could keep working class kids locked out of top unis

Miriam caught coronavirus at the care home she’s working in to help fund her studies

Wetherspoons has announced plans for how it’ll reopen with social distancing

If a reduced menu and no bottles of sauce is the price I have to pay, that’s a sacrifice I’ll have to make

Ranked: The Russell Group unis handing out the most third class degrees

Or, how many students at your uni won’t be putting their grade on their CV?

Poor Blathers has been cancelled for keeping live fish in the Animal Crossing museum

He’s just an owl!!!

Gather round: These are the most well-endowed unis in the country

Financially, of course

The exact 33 degrees you should study if you want to earn the most money

Gutted if yours isn’t on this list tbh

£100m losses and massive pay cuts: The drastic steps unis are taking to avoid ruin

Looking pretty bleak ngl

These students have had their contact hours cut dramatically and are not happy

‘Googling things doesn’t quite cut it for nine grand’

BREAKING: KFC is reopening 500 stores for delivery this week

I did not know I could cry over chicken

These are officially the easiest unis to get into

How about a second degree?

It’s ‘too early to say’ what the plan is for universities, says the government

It’s only been eight weeks, no rush lads

Ranked: How much people actually respect your uni

If you’re not on this list, I have some bad news

These are all the things you can get fined for with the updated lockdown laws

Catch me outside? How about a fine of up to £3,200

22-year-old student found dead in flat hours after reporting coronavirus symptoms

Kapalu Musenyesa’s family have raised over £6,000 to pay for his funeral

This ‘which classic Simpsons episode is your uni?’ article is perfectly cromulent

It’s the best of content, it’s the blurst of content

This is what the lockdown changes mean for young people

Gonna get well into tennis, aren’t I

Idea for uni fees to be cut to £7,500 abandoned by the guy who came up with it

This bodes well

Students in Scotland will be able to end halls contracts early, under new law

Students in England haven’t yet been given the option to cancel contracts because of coronavirus

Instagram long picture: How to do the Loyle Carner Instagram hack

Just keep scrollin’

Suck it, nerds: Humanities grads are now more employable than STEM grads

This is what you needed to hear

These are the ways lockdown could be relaxed on Monday

Looks like we might be allowed to sunbathe in parks!!!

These pictures of cramped study spaces prove how hard doing a degree is in lockdown

Never thought I’d want to go back to the library so badly

This is how Netflix is carrying on filming for its shows during lockdown

They’ve gotten rid of the on-set buffets

Private halls company tells student to put room on Gumtree to get a refund

‘They’re more concerned about profits than the wellbeing of their students’

Someone made a Spoons in Animal Crossing so we went to visit, naturally

Almost as good as the real thing

Arts students won’t go back to uni until January, new plans suggest

But medics will get to go back in October

The government’s new £2.7bn ‘uni bailout’ doesn’t include any extra money for students

Good news though, you’ll still get to pay full tuition fees for online lectures

Here’s everything you’ll be able to order when McDonald’s reopens on 13th May

Give me a Chicken Legend or we riot

BREAKING: McDonald’s is reopening 15 branches for delivery from 13th May

I just miss it so much

People got too excited for Greggs to reopen so they had to scrap their plans

Guys this is why we can’t have nice things

Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you which uni you really should have gone to

Please not York, please not York

Boomtown 2020 has been cancelled

Your insides have just breathed a sigh of relief

These are the subjects most likely to formally complain about their university

It’s the Karen league

These are the degree subjects where male grads still get paid more than women

This is shocking tbh

This is where all the beaut Normal People filming locations are in real life

Including that sexy as hell library

Student nurse loses everything after fire destroys her flat

Friends on their course have raised £1,000 to help her rebuild her life

QUIZ: Tell us your mundane opinions and we’ll tell you how Tory you are

Come on, admit you put the crisps in the bowl

This is how Normal People got the sex and consent scenes spot-on

They hired an ‘intimacy co-ordinator’ to choreograph the steamy sex scenes

Doubling loans and paid volunteering: How other countries are supporting their students

Ngl this isn’t going to make you feel great about what the UK are doing

These are the UK universities producing the most super-rich grads

It’s too late for you now, sorry

Are you getting uni counselling at home? We want to speak to you

Share your story with us

The differences between UK and US uni culture which prove we are not the same

As told by students who’ve experienced both

Uni furloughs staff whilst Vice Chancellor keeps £450k salary

Other uni bosses are donating salary to their uni’s hardship fund

See how popular your degree subject actually is

I assume this gives you bragging rights over your mates, but only if you’re a cop

This is how many staff at your uni are paid over £100,000 a year

Wouldn’t mind a bit of this myself

These are the degree subjects producing the richest grads

Couldn’t find space for English, sorry

Stop clapping: You can now say thanks to NHS staff by sending nudes

How is this real???

Revealed: The unis with the lowest drop out rates

Zero per cent? Do they have giant magnets or something?

This is how much the Too Hot To Handle contestants are fined for everything

The exchange rates are pretty good tbf

Graduates will be some of the worst-hit by the crisis, warns economist


Pubs could be shut until Christmas, hints Michael Gove

Even the sight of a cold pint makes me cry now, thanks

Ranked: The YouTube stars making the most money per video

This makes me feel poor

It’s okay to feel uneasy about everyone donating to the NHS

You’re also not a bad person for donating a fiver!!!!

The TikTok rich list: The TikTokkers making nearly £40k per post

No, sure, you’ll get there by lip-syncing to Gavin and Stacey

These are all the crazy details in ITV’s Quiz which match the true story

Wow they even got his bed right

Students shouldn’t expect tuition fee refunds, warns the government

nInE gRaNd FoR tHiS?!

Loads of juicy new details for Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle just got revealed

And yes, I can’t handle it

Young people should be let out of lockdown first, academics have proposed

Get me back to the pub tbf

Private halls companies tell students to break lockdown rules or pay thousands in rent

‘The only reason I had to go was because Host were going to charge us’

Housing company says it won’t punish coronavirus rent strikers with late fees

Bristol’s Digs previously threatened students with extra fees if they didn’t pay on time

Unis could go bust if coronavirus keeps international students away, experts warn

Some unis rely on international tuition fees for over a quarter of their income

These are the UK unis taking out the most gigantic loans

Not ranked: Your overdraft

Ranked: The unis making billions of pounds a year

Wouldn’t mind £2 billion right about now tbf

Has your grad job been cancelled because of coronavirus? Tell us

Get in touch and let us know

130 Bristol students go on rent strike demanding to be let out of tenancies

‘A lot of landlords think the students can just be pushed around’

How’s your lockdown going? Take our survey and tell us

We want to know how the coronavirus crisis is affecting students

Over half of students say they’d drop out if all teaching was online, Tab poll reveals

I mean imagine no Freshers’ Week come onnnnnn

Private halls company gives refunds to students who paid rent in advance

Some companies are still telling students they can’t get out of their contracts

Compare how your uni is changing exams and assessments to cope with coronavirus

See which unis are doing no detriment policies and which aren’t

Suspend your studies if you don’t have a laptop, Uni of York told its students

‘We will recommend that students suspend their studies and take a leave of absence’

Unis won’t even be back to normal by September, warns expert

But what does this mean for Freshers’ Week??

Ranked: The STEM subjects with the most female students

It’s not engineering, don’t worry

Meet the students fighting to get out of paying thousands for halls they can’t use

‘I think I’m going to lose around £2,500 for a room I’m not using’

Private halls companies take £120m hit to let students out of contracts early

Some students are being told they won’t have to pay if they leave halls early

Unis move counselling services online as they tell students to leave campus

But some are being left behind, saying ‘since everything has happened I’ve literally had no information at all’

Landlords warned viewings in uni houses are ‘ill-advised’ amid COVID-19

Student landlords are also facing calls to let tenants out of their contracts

Revealed: The degree subjects which get you the most Tinder matches, as a girl

This is surprising isn’t it

You’ll get your student loan next term, even if your uni has stopped teaching

This is a relief tbf

Have your uni mental health services closed due to COVID-19? Let us know

If your uni counselling has been affected by the pandemic, we want to hear from you

‘It really could have screwed me over’: The students against awarding predicted grades

‘I ended up getting more than what was needed for my dream course but due to predictions, I needed to take a year out and reapply’

Do you know the man behind the lasagne voice note? We want to chat to him

Please let me eat a lasagne the size of Wembley

Necking pints and TikTok dances: Introducing the self-isolators of the week

Honestly this looks more fun than going outside

Revealed: The degrees which get the most Tinder matches, as a man

Ngl I am genuinely shocked at this

Birmingham student makes website to tell you how much loo roll you actually need

But I thought I needed 100 rolls?????

It’s official: Glastonbury has been cancelled

It’ll take place in 2021 instead

‘I’m no longer accepting cash’: How drug dealers are adapting to coronavirus

They’re handling this whole thing better than I am ngl

Student gets fined £50 because their mate burnt some toast

Everyone had to evacuate the halls, which is bad enough

Updates: The actions universities are taking on coronavirus

We will update this story regularly

PSA: Those ‘Abandoned Swimming Baths Rave’ Facebook events are fake as hell

Guttingly, there aren’t going to be simultaneous raves in abandoned baths across the country

Vice Chancellors told to hide whether they support staff pay rises

They’re being told not to break ranks as negotiations drag on

Have you been on a cheap ‘coronavirus holiday’? We want to know

Hard to resist those cheap flights tbh

Students plan ‘Coronavirus Ball 2020’ in their uni halls

‘Bring your own cans and disinfectant spray 😷🎸😫🚨’

It’s official: You’ll earn way less money if you get a 2.2

Come on just try a biiiiit harder and you’ll be fine

Tatler’s guide to coronavirus stockpiling is the most Tory thing ever

I s2g I am not a Tory but I do need some elderflower cordial asap

Uni hits 47 students with fines for having ‘prohibited’ incense or candles on campus

Spare a thought for the freshers just trying to keep their long-distance relationship going

I dropped out of uni because it wasn’t accessible enough for disabled students

Mette suffers from autism and fatigue, and became so desperate with her uni’s unwillingness to help that she left

Tinder is launching a mode where you can only match with other students

No more matching random locals lmao

Coronavirus: ‘This is a very good time to stop smoking’, says Chief Medical Officer

He’s said smoking is an ‘additional vulnerability’ for otherwise healthy people

Uni fines student £100 for signing into a lecture when they weren’t actually there

I mean this is a nightmare tbh