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Leeds housemates accidentally owe £19 million to their gas company

Should have got their bills all-inclusive

Classism still exists in uni culture, and I’m tired of everyone denying it

It’s not ‘banter’

Plan a night out in Leeds and we’ll tell you how single you’ll be this Valentine’s Day

Does Crispy’s count as date night?

Every single reason why Digi in Newcastle is the hometown club you love to hate

You can’t even drink VKs

Kylie Jenner just had her baby girl after months of avoiding pregnancy rumours

I swear she’s been preggo for 3 years

We asked Leeds students for the worst sexts they’ve ever received and they did not disappoint

Cos V day has two meanings

Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

Grab a bucket for this one

2-4-1 Pornstar Martini’s and everything else a basic white girl spends her student loan on

We’re a dying species in edgy Leeds

How to feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel, without blowing your entire student loan

Say adios to granny pants

Every dating term you’ve most definitely used to describe ‘that guy’ in your group chat

Find the seed, find true love

Leeds most eligible bachelorette: Round two

Single and ready to mingle

The glorification of sexual assault in TV shows is a disturbing reflection of the reality of Hollywood

Stop justifying it

The best dressed people on campus this week

It’s time to ditch the green puffa

We asked students to tell us their biggest dating turn offs

‘If she writes for The Tab’

Nominate your pals for Leeds’ fittest fresher

Literally just an excuse to tell your crush that they’re fit

A basic white hoe’s guide to the games of texting

We’re more confused than you are

Stop slut shaming fuck boys and start being a real feminist

This one’s for the fuck boys

A definitive list of everyone you’ll meet in freshers

Apply for ‘Adopt a Fresher’ now

Everything that makes a Leeds student tingle with excitement

Don’t even mention Crispy’s

I told boys on Tinder I won’t have sex before marriage

Some fuck boys have souls

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