Emily Filkin

How to have the best 4/20 at UC Berkeley

Your step-by-step guide

UC Berkeley philosophy professor sued for allegedly sexually assaulting his former student

He reportedly told his Asian-American student employee, “American imperialism? Oh boy, that sounds great, honey! Let’s go to bed and do that right now!”

UC Berkeley restricts access to 20,000 videos on public online lecture database

Now, you will have nothing to fall back on when you miss a lecture

Vandalism suspect who targeted the Berkeley College Republicans has been arrested

His female accomplice is still unknown

Anti-conservative student destroys Berkeley College Republicans’ sign

Vandalism yet again, this time in open daylight

How to spot a Berkeley fuckboy

Yes, even Berkeley has this rare breed of excessive male testosterone.

The only honest packing list for UC Berkeley

Bet you didn’t even think about #3

How my sorority helped me cope with the election

And by ‘coped’, I mean ‘threw a righteous bitch fit and let everyone know this man isn’t our president’.