Diyora Shadijanova
Staff Writer
I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

This is what the little boy and girl from Love Actually look like now

Sorry, they’re HOW OLD??

Hallelujah! Greggs are releasing vegan sausage rolls

It’s about bloody time!!!

Dani has finally spoken out about her and Jack’s break up

If this isn’t Fiat 500 behaviour I don’t know what is

VOTE: Who is the most unbearable British YouTuber of all time?

Speak now or forever hold your peace

OMG!!! You can now buy ‘Fiat 500 girl’ t-shirts so shut up and take my money

There’s only a few left…

Oh my god!!! DANI dumped Jack but he was desperate to make it work

Is this why she deleted her Insta story?!

ASOS now has a line specifically for girls with big boobs!!!


Merry Christmas! These are the 25 people who need to be cancelled in 2019

Jamie Oliver can get in the bin tbh

Greggs has just released Christmas merch, obviously

A steak bake phone case?? Get in my basket

Wait, Ron Weasley and Georgia Nicholson are secretly dating IRL?!

They’ve been on and off since 2011!!!

RIP The X Factor (2004 – 2018): An iconic British TV show forever in our hearts

Take a moment’s silence for its tragic death

We can tell exactly how much sex you’re having from the items in your bedroom

Wow this quiz is savage

OF COURSE you can now buy ‘Thank u, next’ t-shirts

Show the whole world you’ve moved on!

What your choice of ugly trainers reveals about you as a person

Fila Disruptors are the Fiat 500 of the ugly trainers

The 42 most soul destroying moments from Zoella’s new book ‘Cordially Invited’

What did I just read

All the reasons you hate Cheryl are actually sexist

When have we ever held a man to such high standards?

YouTuber accused of re-selling ‘unwanted’ and ‘used’ products in £49 Christmas advent calendar

Here we go again

Fiat 500 has just released a perfume and no, this isn’t some kind of sick joke

So will it smell like a car or like a basic bitch?

Can you guess the iconic Christmas advert from a single image?

Pls no, not The Man On The Moon

The 44 depressingly true facts no one told you about uni life

*Starts crying again*