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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

Hallelujah: Topshop Joni Jeans with belt loops are FINALLY here!!!

Topshop confirmed they’re out in a few weeks

26 books every feminist should read before the age of 26

You’re welcome

Megan and Wes are SEXTING and she posted a screenshot on her Insta at 3am!!!

Uh oh it’s YIKES o’clock

Ariana Grande’s evolution from 2009-2019 will leave you SHOOK

Ariana… is that… you???

Can someone tell me why all girls on Instagram look like they have a toothache?

Just trying to figure this one out

These are the signs you’re experiencing millennial burnout

And yes, it’s pretty serious

A reminder that Meghan Markle started her career off with a sex scene on 90210


Meet all the famous YouTubers at your uni right now

They’re studying and making serious £££, wbu?

Introducing ‘The Halo’, the latest Instagram pose making you look fun and carefree

So angelic and divine, wow

Stop the world, Charlie Brake is going out with Sophie Habboo from MIC!!!!

What lol

Six months on and eight break-ups later, where are the stars of Love Island 2018 now?

Wow, they’ve gotten even more tragic!!

Adam and Zara have BROKEN UP


Netflix’s You is creepy af without Joe Goldberg’s voiceover and you need to see this now

So much… silence???

Here are six young royals who are really fit and still very single

*Slides into Prince Nikolai of Denmark’s DMs*

Pictures emerge of Jack with a ket spoon AND Dani moves out of their flat!!!

Hit the road Jack

Love Island’s Jack had a big cokey night in Kent, but says he absolutely regrets it

Uh oh, snorty Jack!

Megan says Wes never really loved her and is just ‘fame hungry’


These 46 memes prove 21 Savage really is from South London

British humour at its finest

Kaz and Josh were ‘over for weeks’ and had to go on a PR holiday together!!!

Loooool wait what

The press officer in charge of Warwick’s reputation was also in charge of the group chat investigation

Today a victim of the group chat has spoken out about a conflict of interest

Warwick University finally releases a statement on the group chat investigation

The university’s decision will remain unchanged

I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Warwick alumna

And I’m not the only one

ASOS might start ‘blacklisting’ serial returners looool

Sorry WHAT

ASOS is launching its own affordable home collection and wow

Oh would you look at that all my money’s gone

Wes unfollows Megan on Insta and follows a bunch of models who look like her

But it’s fine guys, she’s unfollowed him too!!!

So apparently Megan dumped Wes because they weren’t having enough sex

Rest in peace DBS society x

Megan and Wes are still together and this is the proof

They’re playing us YOU GUYS

Megan is already joking about finding a new boyfriend!!! Obviously

I swear this woman is a clown hahahah

This new dating app will let your friends swipe matches for you

You can thank me later!!

This is how to get that plastic face filter on Instagram

FYI it’s going to make you look like a fit alien

Topshop just dropped new jeans and people are saying they’re better than Jonis

Ok let me just empty out my purse real quick

These influencers have been investigated for not making Insta ads clear enough

They may face prison time if they break the rules

Urmm so people are convinced Wes has had his lips done?

I have the receipts

QUIZ: Which Sex Education character are you?

PLS just let me be Eric

Sex Education’s unapologetic diversity is what makes it so powerful

And none of it feels forced

Aimee and Adam Groff from Netflix’s Sex Education are dating IRL!!!


Megan sends for Wes’ Dancing On Ice partner AGAIN and says she doesn’t regret the Insta story

It’s shade o’clock

If you do any of these things, you’re officially a Uni Softboi

*Goes to Berlin once*

Megan has gone IN on Wes’ Dancing On Ice partner in an Insta story rant

Uh-oh, she just called her ‘babe’

Avatar, the Hannah Montana movie and other things that turn 10 in 2019, feel old yet?

Well this is terrifying

Feed Em To The Lions rapper Solo 45 on trial for 22 rapes

Andy Anokye from BBK denies imprisoning and raping women

This is why your Boohoo and PLT UniDAYS discounts aren’t working

The CEO of UniDAYS has been accused of sexual harassment

How to check if someone’s bought fake Instagram followers

Loool you’re all getting exposed ?

These 16 ridiculous moments in Netflix’s ‘You’ prove just how dumb it is

Firstly, has Beck ever heard of curtains?

Which Black Mirror episode is most likely to happen at your uni?

We can’t all be Bandersnatch

A wellness Instagrammer lost her iPhone X in India and exposed herself in a racist rant

Eat Pray… Be Racist

Meet Will Poulter, the Bristol dropout starring in the latest episode of Black Mirror

I hope you’re hungry because he’s a bit of a snack

Thousands of you voted, so we can finally reveal Britain’s worst YouTuber

Wow, what a shock!!!

You can now buy vegan pigs in blankets and they actually taste good!

Don’t mind me, just gonna eat them all

This is what the little boy and girl from Love Actually look like now

Sorry, they’re HOW OLD??

Hallelujah! Greggs are releasing vegan sausage rolls

It’s about bloody time!!!

Dani has finally spoken out about her and Jack’s break up

If this isn’t Fiat 500 behaviour I don’t know what is

VOTE: Who is the most unbearable British YouTuber of all time?

Speak now or forever hold your peace

OMG!!! You can now buy ‘Fiat 500 girl’ t-shirts so shut up and take my money

There’s only a few left…

Oh my god!!! DANI dumped Jack but he was desperate to make it work

Is this why she deleted her Insta story?!

ASOS now has a line specifically for girls with big boobs!!!


Merry Christmas! These are the 25 people who need to be cancelled in 2019

Jamie Oliver can get in the bin tbh

Greggs has just released Christmas merch, obviously

A steak bake phone case?? Get in my basket

Wait, Ron Weasley and Georgia Nicholson are secretly dating IRL?!

They’ve been on and off since 2011!!!

RIP The X Factor (2004 – 2018): An iconic British TV show forever in our hearts

Take a moment’s silence for its tragic death

We can tell exactly how much sex you’re having from the items in your bedroom

Wow this quiz is savage

Trash Gossip Column: Drop EVERYTHING because Eyal and Rita Ora are dating?!?!


OF COURSE you can now buy ‘Thank u, next’ t-shirts

Show the whole world you’ve moved on!

What your choice of ugly trainers reveals about you as a person

Fila Disruptors are the Fiat 500 of the ugly trainers

The 42 most soul destroying moments from Zoella’s new book ‘Cordially Invited’

What did I just read

All the reasons you hate Cheryl are actually sexist

When have we ever held a man to such high standards?

YouTuber accused of re-selling ‘unwanted’ and ‘used’ products in £49 Christmas advent calendar

Here we go again

Fiat 500 has just released a perfume and no, this isn’t some kind of sick joke

So will it smell like a car or like a basic bitch?

Can you guess the iconic Christmas advert from a single image?

Pls no, not The Man On The Moon

The 44 depressingly true facts no one told you about uni life

*Starts crying again*

The Inbetweeners are making a 10-year anniversary reunion show, so call an ambulance or failing that mummy

It’s going to be a two-hour special

Trash Gossip Column: Sorry but Amber Davies is going out with THAT little boy from Diversity?!?

This is the most iconic crossover yet

Introducing: The Insta famous students at your uni right now

Imagine being this hot, smart AND rich

The 89 signs you’re actually a massive Tory

40. Playing hockey

Cuffing season is officially cancelled this year and this is why

Thank GOD for that

Quiz: Is this a hotel room or your uni’s luxury halls?

Ah, so this is how the other side lives

People who are organised are WAY better in bed, research finds

Glad all that revision wasn’t for nothing!!

Quiz: There are nine uni girl energies, which one do you have?

Once and for all, let me tell you your vibe

The eight types of vegans who are actually the worst

ENjOY EatIng YoUR ChICKen PeRiOd

My Yé is different to your Yé, the viral meme explained

Dripping in sauce, the drip-dripping so saucy

A guy I went on a date with stole £1,200 from me to take his REAL girlfriend to Paris

He also used my money to buy himself Instagram likes!!!

Boo! These are this year’s hottest Halloween costumes

Dressing up as student debt will never get old

Trash Gossip Column: Inside Dom and Jess’ TRAGIC 22-guest wedding that none of the Islanders were invited to

When will these two stop

Dear vegans, stop moaning because you’re not an oppressed minority

Sincerely, everyone else

Quiz: There are twelve types of Tories but which one are you?

Pls not the Virgin Tory

There are nine types of uni girl energy, so which one are you?

Pls not Pukka Pad energy

Everything that happened at Will and Kate’s iconic graduation ceremony


Trash Gossip Column: Here he is, Georgia’s famous ex of three years and Sam Bird lookalike

The petty drama continues

Could you get into Oxford by answering these new entrance questions?

Spoiler: Definitely not

Meet Cassius Taylor, the 21-year-old royal roadboy who’s at uni right now

And if you were wondering, yes, he is single

Where did all the royals go to uni? A serious investigation

More importantly which one of them went to UWE?!

Every reason people who use voice notes are getting it so right

‘Hi it’s meeeeee’

Kent Union has banned students from dressing up as Tories for Halloween

*Sadly puts red chinos away*

Ant and Seb, AbLisa and Cher Lloyd: Where are the iconic stars of X Factor now?

Abbey from AbLisa did a naked shoot, brilliant

There are 12 types of Tory at your uni right now, but which one are you?

Bet you’re the Tory in denial

How to stop losing followers on Instagram, by the people who unfollowed you

Welcome to hell, where this is one of your life’s priorities!

Boohoo has just launched an outfit ‘meal deal’ for £30 and I am SCREAMING!!!

God is a woman and THIS IS THE PROOF

Quiz: What percentage Tory are you really?

There’s a Conservative in all of us

Quiz: Is this bedroom from your uni’s halls or a prison?

Welcome to my lair