Diyora Shadijanova
Diyora Shadijanova
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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

Oh My God!! The official Love Island start date has been announced

Clear your calendars, cancel your social lives

Prince Harry’s 24-year-old cousin Louis Spencer is really fit, really rich and also really single


Introducing the Chatto brothers: The hot, young royals people can’t stop talking about

The internet was in meltdown during the wedding

Forget Harry, Prince Philip was a DADDY back in the day

It’s illegal to be this hot

Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani is first to be ‘confirmed’ for Love Island 2018

Her dad doesn’t want her kissing anyone on TV, awks

Your votes are in: Medics are the most annoying students at university

Loool I swear I’ve been saying this for years

Pick a meal deal and we’ll tell you which Royal you should marry

Trust me, you’ll enjoy this quiz more than the wedding

Can you hear Brainstorm or Green Needle or both in this recording? This is why

Please help, my brain is broken

What is Brie-ing? The new middle-class way to take MDMA

Pass me the Brie de Meaux mate we are having a phat one

This is how you can find out how many people visit your Instagram profile

This is revolutionary

This is why some people can hear Yanny and others Laurel in that audio clip

It’s all about the frequencies your brain picks up

Muggy Mike has a hotter, older brother who is everything you wanted Mike to be

Praying he’s on this year’s Love Island 😍

‘Racist pints’: The Hull Men’s Hockey drinking game where players down pints for being racist

Apparently it’s a way to ‘punish’ racism

There are 11 types of girl housemates and I’m gonna tell you which one you are

Pls pls not the sad girl

Jonny Mitchell from Love Island accepts role in a pantomime as work dries up


Unis no longer allowed to ban controversial people from speaking on campus

If they do, they may even get fined

Marcel has confirmed cheating on Gabby and I swear this is the biggest scandal of 2018

Basically, men are collectively cancelled

There are MORE shocking allegations of Marcel cheating on Gabby while they were together

Honestly when will this torture end

Can you guess the iconic British crisp, just by looking at its shape?

Only true crisp experts can get 10/14 on this quiz

Marcel from Love Island has allegedly cheated on Gabby while they were on holiday together and she had no idea