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Diyora Shadijanova
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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

Love Island Gossip Column: Inside Jack and Dani’s BEAUT flat and which ex-Islander got ‘proposed’ to?!

Also more of Dr Alex’s Insta-cringe

Love Island Gossip Column: Jack’s secretly Insta stalking his ex Ellie!!! Which Islander got spiked on a night out?

Trouble in paradise!!!

Love Island Gossip Column: Inside Georgia and Sam’s new pad! Plus Charlie’s been partying, just not with Ellie

Yep, they’re officially committed to staying loyal

Love Island Gossip Column: Are Georgia and Sam OVER?! And Charlie tells Ellie he doesn’t love her

Why is everyone breaking up!?

Introducing the FlareMax: This summer’s defining feature of the cool girl group

She’s the real life Groovy Chick

Love Island Gossip Column: Frankie asked ANOTHER girl to come to his hotel and WE HAVE SCREENSHOTS!!!

Uh oh, it’s all unravelling now

Love Island Gossip Column: Charlie spotted THROWING Ellie’s clothes out of a window and more

Where was all this drama on the show??

Who is Caspar Jopling? The cultured posh boy Ellie Goulding just got engaged to

I’m getting Starry Eyed just looking at him

Love Island Gossip Column: Is it all over for Charlie and Ellie? And we found Megan’s doppelgänger

This will leave you shook

Love Island Gossip Column: Megan and Georgia unfollow each other and Dr Alex to become face of STIs!!!


How long the Love Island couples will last, according to a relationship expert

Looks like G won’t stay loyal to Sam

Love Island Gossip Column: Paul modelled for ALDI and Charlie’s grim nickname revealed

Idk why Charlie wanted to reveal this but ooookay

Love Island Gossip Column: Sam ALSO QUITS groupchat and Laura begs people to follow Paul’s Insta

Loool someone is whipped 👀

Love Island Gossip Column: Georgia has left the Love Islanders’ group chat after falling out with everyone

Let the real drama begin 👀

Laura quit the villa THREE times, slept on the beach and chain-smoked 24 cigarettes

But the producers convinced her to return every time

I don’t mean to panic you but thin eyebrows are making a comeback