Diyora Shadijanova
Diyora Shadijanova
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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

Please don’t look at these topless pictures of James Middleton from SOTF unless you’re sitting down

Take this as a warning

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She always sounds like she’s been on a ten-night bender

Introducing Iris Law: Jude Law’s daughter who is so perfect, she might as well be from heaven

Yeah she models for Burberry, no biggie

Topshop is bringing out all of their jeans in half sizes!!!

And yes that includes your favourite Jonis

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Good looking people more likely to be Tories as they lack empathy, study finds

Good looking people have an empathy ‘blindspot’

Final year student has laptop stolen in Pret, with entire dissertation due in two weeks

Her dissertation research was also in the laptop case

Take someone you love to Spoons and get a Valentine’s meal between you for £20

Or just go by yourself to get double the food

Greggs is doing a four-course £15 Valentine’s meal for two and you can book a table

Because nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a sausage roll

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