Diyora Shadijanova
Diyora Shadijanova
Staff Writer

I’ve watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

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How much gravy you have, determines everything

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Because that makes it better apparently

Don’t panic but Love Actually is back on Netflix today


Exclusive: Man on Bumble tells girl ‘if you went to the gym, I’d smash your back doors in’

He said he’s a 10/10 while she’s a 6 at a push

The harsh realities of being an adult but still looking 12 years old

Firstly, it’s exhausting

Create your perfect McDonald’s meal and we’ll guess where in the UK you’re from

Because McDonald’s is love, McDonald’s is life

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She previously worked as an events manager

Introducing the Zara girl: The better, more professional version of yourself

If you don’t know one, it’s you!!

Who are the people watching YouTubers cement their heads in microwaves?

Seriously, this guy has 3 million subscribers

Only three out of 50 people can pass this primary school grammar quiz, can you?

Challenge accepted

These things are turning ten in 2018, feel old yet?

Omg remember George Sampson looool

Some people hear a noise when they watch this gif, and everyone is freaking out about it

Wtf it’s making me feel sick

Kem and Amber might be over, but which Love Island couples are still together?

Jonny’s all alone hahahaha

My dad’s mental health story was ditched for the royal engagement news on live TV

‘Welcome to the UK where an engagement is more important than mental health’

The United Kingdom of Fuckboys: A very handy guide to every single one in the country

They’ll get you every. single. time.

‘I eat three pots in one go’: Meet the UK’s biggest houmous addicts

One guy even claims to brush his teeth with it

I watched Love Actually for the first time and actually, it’s a fat-shaming, sexist pile of crap

Because at Christmas, you tell the truth

The trials and tribulations of having a very needy housemate

“Where are you guys????”

If you’re the eldest sibling, science says your parents love you more

HA, I knew it

Quiz: Are you the princess of the friendship group?

Every girl gang has one