David Holland
Girton, Anthropology Dave began his Tab career by writing cynical opinions pieces with crude jokes. After being told “this kind of filth makes me want to track you down and spit on you” he decided to pursue free gig tickets and press release CDs. Now currently critiquing gigs and editing music reviews. His hobbies are netball and reading.

Filthy Lucre

DAVID HOLLAND gets filthy in the vaults. It’s confusing, but in a good way.

Music To Shag To

DAVID HOLLAND: If music be the food of love, go forth and shag to good tunes.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

DAVID HOLLAND doesn’t dare to cough in case he interrupts this moving and excellent gig.

Kate McGill

Senior Music Critic DAVID HOLLAND goes to Cafe Nero in his lunch break and enjoys the best concert he’s seen all year.

Interview: Boy Mandeville

DAVID HOLLAND talks to local band BOY MANDEVILLE. Boobs, class A drugs and fire extinguishers may or may not be involved.

Let’s Whisper and Tender Trap

DAVID HOLLAND checks out some girl pop in a pub.

Trinity Hall June Event

DAVID HOLLAND ODs on OJ and struggles to hear Nero at Tit Hall’s June Event.

The Sad Demise of Album Art

DAVID HOLLAND laments the demise of proper album artwork, after the release of the beautiful ‘The King Of Limbs’ got him thinking: will the music of this decade be remembered with the monochrome image of Adele scratching her head?

Interview with a Vampire

‘Well my political career is over, so there’s no more dogging to be doing.’ DAVID HOLLAND steps into Paxo’s shoes to chat to everyone’s favourite question-dodger, MICHAEL HOWARD.


DAVID HOLLAND: “The gig was a little cold, even a little clinical, in whatever sense a rock concert can ever be these things.”

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Interview: David Blunkett

‘Would you have protested if you were a student today?’ ‘Yes I would have.’ DAVID HOLLAND goes all John Humphreys on politician DAVID BLUNKETT.

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Twin Atlantic

DAVID HOLLAND chats to and reviews up and coming rockers Twin Atlantic at The Haymakers.

Interview: Milton Jones

‘Mock the Week is a bit like doing an exam, you hope the bit you revised comes up or you look a bit of an idiot sitting and smiling there.’ DAVID HOLLAND talks to comedian MILTON ‘the one with the shirts’ JONES.

Gig Guide: Week 1

Week 1 is underway, so stop trawling through all those flyers and termsheets and get back to work- The Tab has got the weeks classical and non-classical music all accounted for in this comprehensive guide. JOE BATES and DAVID HOLLAND bring you everything from I Am Kloot to Scwanengesang.

The Saw Doctors

DAVID HOLLAND: “Guess what all of the bedders in Cambridge do when they’re not picking your pants up and emptying your bin? They watch Irish folk-rock bands and drink pints.”


DAVID HOLLAND reviews the Klaxons at the Junction

Cambridge Music Guide: Week 6

DAVID HOLLAND takes you through some of this week’s musical highlights.

Review: Girton Ball

DAVID HOLLAND, TABATHA LEGGETT and MILO YIANNOPOULOS agree ‘staying awake until the survivors photograph at 5am was really no challenge at all.’