Christina Feng

Why we miss the old main library

Those booths you could sleep in are just the beginning

Brum Third Year sets up a new club night

It aims to support unsigned music acts and to send some profits to charity

Lost cat waiting to be reunited with owner on Hubert Road

He was found near bins on Hubert Road last night

University of Birmingham ranked 15th best university in the UK

We are ranked higher than KCL and Bristol

B-Eat society is coming to UOB

They aim to fundraise for the biggest eating disorders charity in the UK

Petition calling for a second EU referendum written by a Brexiteer

It was hijacked by the Remain campaign

Struggles of being a student at UoB

Bet you can’t wait to come back

Including a cleavage pic on your job application means you’re more likely to be interviewed

A study found they’re 19 times more likely to be called back for the job

If you bite your nails you’re probaby a perfectionist, says new study

See, mum? It’s fine

The petition calling for a second EU referendum was written by a Brexit supporter

He’s a final year Politics student at DMU

UOB student on the verge of international music breakthrough

He was interviewed by the BBC last week

UOB ranked among top ten universities for employment

There is hope after graduation after all

Fourth year’s laptop containing her entire dissertation stolen during lecture

It’s due on Friday

Brum wasn’t my first choice, but I’m so glad to be here

It’s the absolute best

Third years eat dead fish found outside their home in Selly

One of them made sushi

A fresher is delivering condoms to halls to ‘promote safe sex’

He plans to expand into Selly soon

Long lost hat has been returned after two mischievous thieves took it

It was a series of drunken jokes and sports night antics

Can you help this distraught fourth year find her beloved BCN hat?

It was ruthlessly stolen from her on Sports Night

The Feng does Stuesdays sober

It was part of Dry January

Christina Feng: I love Vodbull and you should too

I’m there every week

Has The Feng found true love? Find out how she got on with Blind Date

‘I didn’t want to devastate any of them with my rejection’

How hard really is GymTramp? We sent Christina Feng to find out

‘Naturally I was nervous’

Brum undergrads tell us their health horror stories

‘My Dad told me I looked absolutely fucked’

Campus unites for ‘Solidarity against Fascism’

Over 150 people rallied on Tuesday