Chelsea Scheunert

Former UW student Alec Cook will plead guilty to five charges in sexual assault case

He was facing 21 charges from 11 women after an initial complaint resulted in more victims coming forward

UW-Madison police claim assault doesn’t happen on campus and students and statistics disagree

It all started with a tweet

We asked UW-Madison women if it pisses them off when their boyfriends look at hot girls on Instagram

It’s an extremely gray area, and it usually entails a double standard.

UW-Madison offers free tuition to first-generation transfers

It’s called the ‘Badger Promise’ program

UW-Madison student protects himself from a knife attack using a comforter

UW-Madison students were not emailed about the incident

UW gets free DJ Khaled concert after freshman completes Mentos challenge

Somehow passing out 43,000 bottles of gum lead to UW-Madison getting a free concert

Madison was ranked 17th best U.S. city to live in

It’s easy to understand why

BREAKING: Rae Sremmurd and Migos are headlining UW-Madison’s Revelry

The lineup they’ve cooked up is dope…

What we learned from UW-Madison’s International Women’s Day events

‘A women’s place is 100 percent in the struggle’

Your unofficial University of Wisconsin – Madison dictionary

‘When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all’

Confessions of UW-Madison sugar babies

One baby made $500 a night

How much UW-Madison tuition costs in drinks from your favorite Madison bars

524 fishbowls? Count me in.

I masturbated everyday for a week

And it was worth it

Best places to cry on campus

All badgers break down at some point

How to practice self-care

Self-care is the best kind of self-love

UW-Madison students protest Donald Trump’s presidency

UW-Madison students get together to protest Donald Trump’s presidency

How to nail a girls’ day in Madison

Grab your girl squad and hit the town

How to tell if your Halloween costume is cultural appropriation

Be original not offensive

A playlist for getting over someone

Replace the sad songs you always listen to with these empowering ones

Westboro Baptist Church is coming to UW

Apparently we’re too drunk and sexual

The different personas we use on social media

Each social media platform comes with a new online persona

My mental illness allowed me to recognize the unfair stigma

Nearly 20 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness in one given year

Why I’m on a quest for self-love

Self-love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

A farewell to my underclassman status

I’m kind of sad, kind of excited

What happens when a cheesehead goes vegan

How do you find a vegan at a dinner party?