Charlotte Bailey
Editor of The Tab Bristol

Exclusive: UoB spent £300k less than promised on student support services last year

The University promised an extra £1m a year would go into student wellbeing

Maisie Williams is coming to Bristol Uni

She is giving a talk on careers in film

A BBC One drama is currently being filmed in Wills Memorial

The drama even includes James Norton

We spoke to The 93% Club, Bristol’s own state school society

‘I didn’t know Bristol University had such a poor reputation for attracting the ‘Oxbridge rejects,’ or private school students until I got here’

UoB students strip naked in RAG calendar, and we have the cheeky promo pics

UoB societies get their kit off for charity

We went to Bristol’s biggest march against gender-based violence

These are our streets, but more than that, these will be our safe streets

Lounge are giving away £100 tomorrow for someone to eat 10 scorpions

Think of all the Taka Taka you could buy

UoB State School Society shortlisted for Diversity and Inclusion Award

The society will receive £1000 of funding if they win

Reclaim the Night is returning to Bristol this year

Get your banners at the ready

Epigram have asked Wills Meme-orial to remove post due to ‘defamation’

The meme included the co-editors of Epigram at an ‘Insufferable Personality Competition’

UoB’s female staff effectively working for free as of today

Bristol University’s gender pay gap amounts to 16.2 per cent

Exclusive: Bristol hall bars lost over £150k last year and have been threatened with closure

‘The management ranged from thin to non-existent, allowing bar staff to take advantage’

The parents of a deceased Bristol student are raising money for legal representation at inquest

They are hoping to raise £10,000

Exclusive: Bristol University’s beloved caretaker Herman is retiring

Herman will be retiring at the end of October

UoB’s 16. 2 per cent gender pay gap will be ‘significantly reduced’ by 2021, say Bristol Uni and UCU

Negotiations between UoB and Bristol UCU are set to finish by December

Bristol SU says initiations won’t be ‘tolerated’ following the first sports night of the year

The email stated how ‘initiations can severely affect the experience for new members’

We asked Bristol students what they thought of the new mental health alert system

‘Knowing that there’s support there and that your parents will be there is a good thing’

UoB student features in Bristol BME Powerlist

The list showcases the 100 most inspiring BME people in Bristol

Bristol SU set up a safe car scheme to help students in emergency situations at night

Students can use the service even if they don’t have any money on them at the time

Bristol University ranked in the top three best unis in the Southwest

UWE did not make it into the top three