Caroline Gaunt

Alice in Wonderland – Reviewed

Caroline Gaunt is enchanted by Durham University Ballet Company’s stunning production

The Revue – Revued!

Caroline Gaunt lets the Revue tickle her funny bone.

Twelfth Night – Reviewed

Caroline Gaunt braves the North Eastern ‘summer’ to experience Thrust Stage in action.

The Theatre

Caroline Gaunt is plunged into a world of ’emotion, immersion and pretention.’

Reviewed: Love and Understanding

Caroline Gaunt enjoys Green Door’s epiphany production.

Rent: Reviewed

Comedy, tragedy and an incredible score – Caroline Gaunt reviews

Reviewed: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Caroline Gaunt is underwhelmed by ACT’s production.

DDF Day 1: Reviewed

Caroline Gaunt enjoys new writing from Dom Riley, Timmy Fisher and Nick Waskowycz

Nightwatch: Reviewed

Caroline Gaunt watches as Ooook productions do battle with a restrictive script.

Fresher the Musical

Caroline Gaunt enjoys a trip down memory lane with Tone Deaf Productions

Review: Orcs! The Musical

The resulting production needs a lot more polish before it can be truly enjoyed by its audience.

Reviewed: The Durham Revue

Caroline Gaunt reviews the Revue.

Reviewed: Hamlet

Caroline Gaunt sees the recent production if Hamlet stuck between classic and modern adaptation.

Reviewed: Animal Farm

Caroline Gaunt finds an unsuccessful attempt at unconventionality for Hild Bede’s latest play.

Reviewed: Pirates of Penzance

Caroline Gaunt has strong praise for DULOG’s latest play.

Reviewed: The Bald Prima Donna

Caroline Gaunt hails one of the most immersive plays so far

Reviewed: The Durham Revue’s Christmas Feast!

Jesus and Penguins? It could only be the Durham Revue’s Christmas Feast!