Catherine Mousdale and Max Fayers

Society Spy: Steamin and a Rollin

Trainspotting: minus the drug habit and the incomprehensible Scots dialect.

Society Spy: It’s Grim Up North

…Or not. The Society Spies infiltrate the North Society and address the North-South divide.

Society Spy: Sheila and Her Dog

The Society Spies go back to (primary) school.

Society Spy: Treasure Trap

Dungeons, dragons, drunkards and damsels in distress: The Treasure Trap Society.

Society Spy: You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Grab a partner and join the Round, Cambridge’s Folk Dancing Soc. Yes.

Society Spy: Ghost Busters

The spies join the Ghost Club to investigate Cambridge’s supernatural scene

A Day With The Assassins’ Guild

The Tab’s Catherine and Max are given exclusive access to the weird and wonderful Assassins Guild