Caedmon Tunstall-Behrens

Lax Ladies Take Varsity Crown

Women’s Blues bosh the scum. Read more here.


Night Climbers have defied gravity and planted 25 santa hats on Cambridge’s highest spires.

Varsity Clear Up at Media Awards

Varsity have walked off with five awards at last night’s Guardian Student Media Awards

Dallalgio’s Cam Slam

Lawrence Dallalgio took time out from promoting a charity cycling event to chat to The Tab.

TV Review: The Season

Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall in this bratty shit-fest?

Icelandic funds thaw

Cambridge is expecting to recoup a “substantial” sum of its investments stuck in Iceland.


A Labour MP has demanded that an Egyptian student apologise for all Jewish deaths during a Cambridge Union debate.

Jesus banter backfires

A letter detailing plans to pave over one of Jesus’ courts has been revealed to be fake.

Light Up or Pay Up

A tale of zombie heartache

Bearded man attacks Varsity plinth

A bearded man verbally and physically attacked a performer on the Varsity Plinth today, claiming that the singing was in fact shouting.