Adriana Diaz
Adriana Diaz

Seniors start their own BU run company

They plan to pitch their company at the New Venture Competition Tuesday night

C-it-go or C-it-stay?

The Citgo sign will continue to stand after 52 years

BU senior sues university following alleged sexual assault

Boston University is one of 55 universities currently under Title IX investigation

Hispanic students react to Fidel Castro’s death

‘It’s the slow death of communism’

Students react to a Trump presidency

‘I woke up today with a real concern for my rights’

Trump supporter threatens BU students and tells them they ‘better run’

‘I would never wish it upon anyone to read. Ever. Not even Trump’

Mysterious T-Rex men on campus identified

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a T-Rex?

On-campus reactions to the ‘Make America Say It Again’ campaign

‘As a victim of sexual assault, it’s harmful for those who are easily triggered’

EXCLUSIVE: The artist behind the Trump quotes on BU’s campus

They are part of a project called ‘Make America Say It Again’

Meet the hidden dorm cats of BU

This is not a euphemism, there were real cats in the dorms

‘I want to be a human being’ – What happened when students rallied for Black lives

‘Our goal is to disrupt the mundane everyday routine’

Everything that happened at the Divest BU rally at Marsh Plaza

If you rushed to lobster night then you might have missed it

Going to Cuba is not as hard as you think

But it isn’t a luxurious tropical paradise… yet