Nine out of ten dentists recommend these 13 hilarious dentist memes

Colgate is comin for u

If you’re not familiar with the 9 out of 10 dentists meme (although you should be by now), in typical “internet-mocks-seemingly-normal-thing” fashion, it plays on the idea that most toothpaste brands advertise their product as being approved by “nine out of ten dentists”. What they fail to acknowledge, however, is what the other 1 dentist thinks.

This meme is old. In fact, the earliest recorded use was by Jay Leno in 1998, but tbh it luckily hasn’t really stopped since. So, sit back, grab your Oral B Pro Expert Tooth Floss, and enjoy these 13 dentist memes:

1. Deji memes will live forever

2. Lol

3. A large crossover

4. Colgate 🤝 Shaq

5. No.


7. If only

8. I don’t believe my EYES

9. Un tasty snack

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10. The Billy Ray Cyrus meme needs to return

11. He do got a point, tho

12. Who is evil then, Colgate or the 1/10??

1O dentists Toothpaste brands standing shoulder

13. Poor spelling but elite meme useage

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