UK degree calculator: What marks do you need to get a 2:1?

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Worried if you’re going to scrape that 2:1? Or are you pushing for a first? We’ve built a UK degree calculator with GradeHub that can tell you what marks you need to graduate without a Desmond Tutu. You can figure out what you need overall, what you need in each module and what you need in each assessment or exam. According to the Guardian, one in four UK students will end up with a 2.1


It will help you find out how well you are doing in your uni courses and how well you need to do to get your degree. It will calculate your average so far and how much you need in your remain exams/coursework to get 70 per cent or 60 per cent.

First you need to add all your courses to the calculator, then you need to add the coursework or exams that you have already completed. It is that simple.

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