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Les clubbers de la semaine. Los clubbers de la semana. I clubbers della settimana. Τους φίλους της εβδομάδας. 本周的俱乐部.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we’re all united by our love of the clubbers of the week, every week.

So here you are again. Njóta!

Creep of the week

Me hiding from the bloke who just bought me a drink

How can I fucking Facebook you if you haven’t written your name?

I’m pawning your iPhone and you’ve only got yourself to blame

If you cockblock me, Potter, my father will be hearing about it

This guy doesn’t need Felix Felicis to get lucky!

When frightened, hedgehogs will ‘ball up,’ tightening their bodies like a drawstring

This enables the hedgehog to hide its head, belly, feet and legs in a prickly coat of erect spines

When you’ve just had some pickled onion Monster Munch and need your mate to experience the flavour sensation

Mmmmm salty

You might say that, but let ME tell YOU why Jack Wills IS back in fashion

Nowhere else gives heritage-inspired classics a contemporary twist with such flair

It’s OK my sweet son, there’ll be no more gunfire today

Even in this harsh nuclear winter we can depend on each other

cLeAn As A wHiStLe, ShArP aS a ThIsTLe, bEsT iN aLL wEsTmInStEr

And doesn’t she know it

When you’re trying to shush someone but have no concept of mouths or where they are

It’s somewhere around here

Ah, my incredibly tall and incredibly rude friend!

Well fuck you too you Brobdingnagian bastard

When you get let into the Costco booze cage despite only being 17

Hand me your AmEx, mum, it’s about to get lit

Bow down, you fool, this man’s fists are kings!

Together they rule and together they will smite thee for thine insolence

All is lost. War and chaos are all I have left now. The fire has burnt away what was left of my soul and there is but ash where my heart once sat

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Cover photo courtesy of Tup Tup Palace in Newcastle