Mojo Kojo: Making us forget how cold it is this winter

What jacket?

Mojo Kojo is a London based night and clothing line inspired by African culture. Set up by Manchester graduate Koye Adesanya, it’s all about vibrant colours, refreshingly loud prints and generally just having fun.

So on a freezing November afternoon, we went to the Barbican’s botanical garden to shoot some pieces from his new collection and pretend it was summer again.

img_2040 img_2040-2 img_2031 img_2024 img_2015 img_2003 img_1991 img_1989 img_1977 img_1956 img_1955 img_1952 img_1949 img_1947 img_1946 img_1935 img_1934 img_1927 img_1903

Photography: Romany Francesca

Models: Bella Sontez and Tracy Jo 

Styling: Daisy Bernard

MOJOKO Instagram: