Everything Gossip Girl taught me about life

‘We all need to have a little bitch potential in us’

Gossip Girl is mainly seen as an addictive, trashy, American teen series that promotes ‘bitchy’ girls and makes incredibly harsh bullying and social estrangement all seem normal and acceptable. GG is just an accepted part of these teens lives and to a young viewer many think that this nonchalant treatment of real issues can be damaging. However, there are some lessons I will take with me in life from this show (as well as an unhealthy obsession with New York and Chuck Bass).


Don’t be a Jenny Humphrey

Changing yourself to fit into the popular crowd will never ever work out well in the end. While wearing nice clothes, adding some more makeup and playing the rebel may seem fun for a while, one thing Gossip Girl does show us all is that popularity is shallow and can never replace real friendship and family.

Jenny was always cuter when she wasn’t trying so hard.


Mental health issues should be talked about

Eric van der Woodsen’s depression and Blair’s bulimia serve as two examples of how the show brings into the light mental health problems and doesn’t make them fashionable – which is always a danger in film and TV – but addresses how commonly these problems affect those around us, and how Lily van der Woodsen should be and is criticised by society and Serena for attempting to hide Eric’s suicide attempt out of pride and fear of judgement. Blair is supported by Serena and realises her problems and seeks help when she needs it and isn’t too ashamed to, a life lesson for all of us there.

Suits will always make guys look more attractive

“I’m Chuck Bass”. Excuse me I’ll just be melting in the corner.


Yes, sometimes you have to be a bitch

To defend yourself and those you love, we all need to have a little bitch potential in us – like Blair. Say what you will but Blair Waldorf goes for what she wants, was independent enough to know she had to take time to find her own path before marrying Chuck, and didn’t sacrifice everything just to get the guy. She takes revenge when people hurt her and those she cares about and doesn’t stop pushing for her dreams. Call her shallow and vindictive if it makes you feel better but the truth is she’s a strong woman who cares deeply for people but can turn the tables and defend herself if it comes to it. Go Queen B.


Social media is destructive as fuck

Gossip Girl is the outlet for anonymous outsiders to judge the actions and behaviours of those more popular than them. It’s destructive and destroys the lives of those it focuses its attention on more than once. What the constant question in the show of ‘Who is Gossip Girl’ actually reminds its audience is that behind this faceless blog is a person, and other people who feed this monstrosity with ‘tips’. At the end of the show, despite everything, the cast decide to move on from Gossip Girl and renounce the power it held over them while forgiving Dan Humphrey for falling into the trap of anonymous fame and being hungry for popularity.

Lies will always be found out

The number of times characters on the show lie is astonishing, but this doesn’t advocate the practice, it just shows how no lie can remain undiscovered. No matter how long it takes, someone will find out, and it will always hurt someone. Honesty is the best policy, even if most don’t use it very often on the show.

Friendships are forever, relationships might not be

Blair and Serena. Serena and Blair. The powerful girl BFFs who practically make the show. Arguments and tragedy may strike but nothing destroys their bond that is thicker than blood. Friends can be the family you never had, and this is one of the strongest messages in the show. Blair and Serena are always there for each other despite Serena sleeping with Nate, despite Blair dating Dan, despite Serena running off multiple times during the show. Nothing comes between these two for long even though their dating lives are filled with troubles. A good friend is better than a boyfriend.


If you’re meant to be with someone, it will happen

Undeniably there is a hell of a lot of relationship drama in the show, it’s one of many reasons why you become slowly addicted to it, but love happens and if you’re meant to be with someone it will end up that way. Spoiler alert: Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena getting married just goes to show that if you don’t chase something it might happen anyway (and you better be wearing an amazing dress when it does).