Why are so many girls suddenly becoming make-up artists?

They’re everywhere

It began with Zoella. It led to thousands of girls becoming “MUAs” and now we all want to join in. The latest social trend in 2016, I present to you, the art of makeup. Do you need a qualification to be one? No. All you need is the internet, some makeup, a camera and you’re set.

From @georgiapizzala

We all have a friend who thinks they’re the next big makeup artist, but recently it seems like all girls are in fact that friend themselves. From YouTube tutorials to Instagram reviews, everyone is finding their way into the makeup industry in their own style. Some say that natural is no longer appreciated due to this sudden need for all girls to have the Hollywood style airbrushed look. Others feel that the internet has allowed us ordinary people to graduate to the level that the celebrities are at; they celebrate the art of makeup and see the face as an empty canvas. So what are the reasons behind so many girls becoming MUAs?

Instagram is a huge part of the sudden deluge of ‘aspiring MUA’ stars clogging up our newsfeeds.  Everyone enjoys being admired online. Everyone wants to be famous, but with such a vast amount of people on your friend list, it’s hard to stand out. Better fleek your brows, contour for the gods and work at a few weddings – becoming an MUA is what everyone’s doing to set themselves apart.

From @juliaedwardsmakeup

Being a successful MUA gives you a lot of credit and attention online. This means that top makeup brands are likely to approach you and send you free products for you to try and review. Who doesn’t want free makeup? Reviewing products online is a great way to get recognition and trust from your viewers, they want honest and professional opinions on real and affordable products. Moreover, the most important part of reviewing a product is that even if you don’t like it, you get to keep it.

Being an MUA doesn’t require long hard hours at a desk. It doesn’t require stress.You don’t need a degree or a diploma to go into makeup. Let’s be honest – it’s basically just a hobby being transformed into a career.

Once looked upon as an industry for dim girls with no ambition, it’s true that now make-up and beauty are more respected. But when every single person on your friend list is suddenly a branded MUA, it’s easy to get sick of it. Then again, if you’re being paid for doing something you love, why not show off about it?