The elderly couple who went to Fabric say it was ‘fantastic’

‘It’s great to tell people about my unforgettable experiences in Fabric club’

A Fabric promoter has shared a gushing letter from the club’s now-famous elderly guests.

Jacob Husley, who posted the status on Facebook, says the letter was translated by “the national Polish TV station” after being sent to dismiss rumours their visit was faked.

In the letter, which Husley says is not part of “a media stunt”, the sender claims “Fabric is the best club in London” – saying “the interior is mysterious” and “the acoustics is fantastic.”


The post on Facebook

The letter, addressed to “Sir Jacob Hansen, promoter of Fabric London night club,” begins: “I’d like to thank you for warm and cordial welcoming in Fabric London night club on Sunday the 15th of May 2016 (11 p.m.-5 a.m.).

“That evening we left from Beechfield Road N4, where my niece lives and went from Manor House to King’s Cross. Next, we took another tube line and reached Farringdon Station.”

The account details the events of the night, including the couple’s trouble ordering tea “because buffet served only cold drinks”.

The letter continues: “Later, we had a wonderful time dancing with young Londoners who also welcomed us very warmly, they took some photos with us dancing.

“One of the fans gave me a present, a cup with a caption ‘Handome Hustler’. Here, I’d like to thank a young 27 year old girl. She was very nice and kind, she took care of us since we entered the club until she left at 3 a.m. saying goodbye.”


Jacob’s original post last month

The man, whose name is omitted, praises the size of the club, saying: “The sound is coming from all sides and reaching people on the dancefloor. The club has also got a great security.

“I read and followed the information and news about Fabric and other clubbing spots such as The Cross, The End, Heaven in the Internet. My dream came true on the 15th of May 2016. Now It’s great to tell people about my unforgettable experiences in Fabric club.”

The letter, which Husley says is not fabricated, ends: “Some commentators of the article ‘Elderly Polish couple buy Fabric club night tickets online… and rave until 5 am’ in the Internet can’t believe our story and claim it is PR stunt or that it was set up. They are all wrong.

“Mr Hansen didn’t know us and our home place, in fact he didn’t know it until now. We have never been to London before, so no one could spoke with us. I don’t speak English, I only know some basic expressions.

“My niece and her husband weren’t interested in visiting the Fabric club, even though we asked and insisted on going together. We came to London on the 9th of May and came back to Poland on the 23rd of May.”

When The Tab talked to Fabric, they assured us the story was entirely true – now it seems we have the proof.