The fried chicken shops you need to try in South London

South of the river is the UK’s undisputed fried chicken capital


Fried chicken is everywhere in the UK.  Originating in America, there’s no denying it’s now the staple food of teenagers and drunks alike.

While not the healthiest of options, this protein-packed treat (the fat doesn’t count) has another benefit beyond its tastiness: it’s given South London’s economy a vast boost in recent years.

So, on a Friday night , we took the plunge and braved the streets to bring you the ultimate guide to South London’s chicken shops.


S O U L. F O O D #morleys

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First up is Morley’s, surely the most popular fried chicken chain south of the river.

Given the vast number of chains (15 on our walk about alone), the queues are always small – great for getting your chicken fix fast.

The prices are also well within budget at only £2.99 for chicken, chips and a drink.

One gentleman tells us: “This chicken is the bomb.  I ain’t never tasted anything this nice round here – I’ll def come back.”  If that doesn’t tempt you, nothing will.



Next up is the holy grail of South London’s chicken shops. Selling chicken, kebabs and burgers, it has something for every (albeit drunk) taste.

Their motto “M (Yum) M (Yum) M (Yum)” stays with you – along with the taste of their chicken in the morning.

Roosters Spot

As we head further away from Croydon and closer to Brixton, the chicken flavours get more exciting.  Forget Nando’s, the Roosters sell the best peri peri chicken this side of the river.

You can almost forget you’re in London and imagine you’re in Brazil. Almost.

Chicken World


Modelling itself on the independent chicken shop’s biggest rival (we don’t want KFC, thanks), this place is perfect for tasty fried chicken that also caters to religious beliefs.

Surprisingly, this was the only shop to sell Halal meat – perhaps they’ll bring out a vegetarian option to be fully inclusive.

Chicken Town

Now this shop is the best by far.  Set in an old fire station, it markets itself as a ‘healthy’ fried chicken restaurant (so fancy) and you can certainly taste the difference.

Rather than a side of deep-fried chips (also an option), you can choose from seasonal greens or baked sweet potato and there’s a dessert menu if you really fancy splashing out.  This is certainly junk food at its best – despite being shrivelled, orange in colour and dry-looking, it is peppery and succulent.

Fried chicken is one of the most popular fast foods for a reason, and South London, with its vast array of shops, is the perfect place to enjoy this cultural cuisine.