Everything ‘Girls’ taught me about life in my twenties

It’s completely OK not to have your life together right now, or ever

Like most people, I find that sometimes there’s no better way to unwind and chill after a long stressful day than by watching some TV. Personally, I love anything that can make me laugh, but it’s also important for a show to mean something to me sentimentally. To me, Girls is 100 per cent one of those programmes. If you’re ever feeling crap and just want to take a break from all the stuff you’ve got going on, grabbing a brew and settling down to watch Girls is almost guaranteed to cheer you up.

I’ve been watching the programme pretty much since day one. As series five recently came to an end, it got me thinking about the lessons that the show has taught me about being a woman in your late teens/early twenties (thank you Lena Dunham for your precious words of wisdom).

Don’t let other women tell you what to do

If you want to wear bright blue eye-shadow, join a rugby team full of guys or be open about the fact that Keeping up with the Kardashians is your favourite show, don’t let other women tell you that you can’t because it’s ‘not ladylike’ or ‘because boys don’t like it’. Being a woman means something different to everyone so don’t ever let someone tell you you’re doing it wrong. Remember, you do you.


Everyone needs an Adam in their life

The people who you can be weird around and show you their weird side too are the ones that really matter. You will rarely meet these kind of people so if you do, know that you’re lucky to have them.


Never let a stranger touch your hair or makeup

Especially if you’re quite uptight/high-maintenance or if it’s for a special event. Yes, they might be cheaper than the local salon everyone goes to, or you think that you should let them because they’re a friend of your aunt’s husband’s cousin and it would hurt their feelings if you let someone else do it, but in the long run you will be thankful that you didn’t let them make you look like one of the real housewives of New Jersey (and not in a good way).


Don’t force relationships/friendships with people

The people that matter will always be around to pick up the phone to see how you are and they’ll make the effort to keep you in their lives. At this age, relationships are fleeting and people are still figuring out what they want their future to look like, so if something’s not working, don’t force it.

No matter how much of a brat you might still be, your parents will always love you

Still, you should probably stop asking them for a little extra money all the time and remember that they have lives too. You never know, they might have been planning on a cruise for the past five years and you’re getting in the way of that because you want them to pay for a girls holiday this summer, even though you should probably have a job by now. Come on Lucy, you’re 23 now.


Don’t do drugs

It won’t end well and someone will get hurt/embarrass themselves.

Just because you’ve legally become an adult, this doesn’t mean that you have to have your life together already

Even when you leave university, chances are you still won’t be halfway towards feeling like a ‘proper’ adult. Also, even the real adults (like parents) don’t always have their shit together. Not knowing what your future will look like is what makes life so fun.


Being confident with how you look is very important

If you want to wear a crop top but someone’s tells you that ‘plus sized’ women shouldn’t wear them, put on that top, walk past their house and throw a brick through their window – OK maybe too far. The only thing that matters about how you look is that YOU are happy with how you look. If I ever reach the stage where I can confidently eat a cupcake while sitting naked in the bath in front of my friends, then I’ll know I’ve made it.

girl6 Sometimes all you need is to get drunk with a bunch of your closest friends

There’s not much else that needs explaining here.

Don’t flash your boss

Whether they’re male or female, this does not seem like the best idea and it’s unlikely to get you a promotion. If it does, you should probably get another job.