A 22-year-old British grad has gone missing in Vietnam

Aiden Webb was last seen three days ago in Hoang Lien National Park

A 22-year old Brit has gone missing while travelling in Vietnam.

Aiden Webb, who studied at Anglia Ruskin, is thought to have been climbing in Hoang Lien National Park at the time of his disappearance.


Now fellow travellers and people in the area are being urged to help track Aiden down.

His auntie, Lisa, posted an impassioned plea on Facebook. She said: “I’m sad to announce that my nephew Aiden Webb has gone missing in Vietnam.

“He was last seen 3 days ago at Fansipan Mountain, Hoang Lien National Park, near Sapa, Northwest Vietnam.

Members of Aiden’s family have now flown out to aid in the search for him.

Lisa continued: “This is very upsetting for our family, but with the help from social media we can we band together and search for Aiden. Aiden has contacts with some people that he met while on his travels if they could keep an eye out for him that would be very helpful.”

Anyone with any information is urged to come forward – you can see the original post here.