Vote for the UK’s sexiest vegans

You can coat them in almond milk

Being vegan can be many things, but one thing it definitely is, is sexy.

The People for Ethical Treament of Animals, or PETA, have stopped asking rhetorical questions about whether you’d eat a dog for christmas or telling you your baby with have a small dick if you eat chicken while pregnant. Instead this time they’re appealing for you to follow a “cruelty-free” lifestyle by letting you ogle at eight of the sexiest vegans in the UK.

Some are models, some are bloggers and some are in a band – but none of them eat animals and they probably all do yoga. You can vote for the fittest below.

The boys

Alex Christofides, 30


The oldest of the fitties, Alex from London went vegan after a lifetime of eating meat took its toll on his health. The model and photographer also has a concern for animal suffering. “I have always loved animals”, he says about his decision to go vegan. “I have never looked back and continue to learn and love being vegan.”

He is passionate about sharing the benefits of plant-based living and loves to travel as well as do yoga and gymnastics.

Anthony Welsh, 26


“I had a sudden awakening to how bizarre it was that humans … showed affection to household pets but consumed other animals. I realised I could not put my money into such a business that exploits, tortures and kills innocent, beautiful beings.”

Anthony is a technician, firefighter and model – and he also runs a vegan Instagram account. He went vegan five years ago after some research online made him aware of the cruelty involved in eating and wearing animals. Anthony plays drums and loves to travel. In addition to promoting vegan living on social media, he also wears apparel with a vegan message to the gym, to show how fit and healthy a plant-based diet can be.

Daniel Ellenberg, 26


Daniel, a musician from Liverpool, went vegan to protect animals and the planet as well as to experience the many health benefits of a plant-based diet. He has toured internationally with his band and is a keen surfer, and his favourite food is frijoles negros.

Jak Elmore, 24


Jak has been vegan for a year and is outspoken about the benefits of a cruelty-free life. “I’d always been vegetarian because I love animals. But I realised this wasn’t enough to stop cruelty”, he says. “I couldn’t live with knowing that animals are suffering for me. So I had to eliminate [animal-derived products] and things tested on animals from my life. … It was just the right thing to do.” He is training to be a dancer, and his favourite meal is chilli sin carne.

The girls

Emma Laird, 20


Henrik Adamsen

Emma is a model from Chesterfield and an activist who spends her free time campaigning for animal rights and environmental causes. Being vegan is “not just for my health – it’s for the animals and the environment”, she says. “It’s the only sustainable and compassionate/ethical diet.” Emma is starting a YouTube channel, and her favourite vegan foods are dates and sweet potatoes.

Naomi Djese, 22


Naomi initially went vegan to experience many of the health benefits that come along with a plant-based diet. “I wanted to eat to live”, she says. Now, she cooks vegan food for her friends and family to show them “that being vegan isn’t boring.” Currently a student, Naomi, from Manchester, loves to travel and do yoga. She describes herself as a great cook, and her favourite dish is ratatouille.

Siddy Bennett, 26


Sarah Clayman

Siddy has been vegan for four years, a lifestyle change she made after watching the documentary Earthlings. As the lead singer in her band, Wildflowers, Siddy, who is from Bristol, loves using the HappyCow app to find vegan-friendly food on the road while touring. “I am fiercely passionate about protecting animals and really enjoy finding cruelty-free alternatives … and sharing these delights with the world”, she says.

Stefanie Moir, 23


Scottish Stefanie, from Glasgow, describes herself as “bubbly and outgoing”. She went vegan three years ago out of a desire to live a healthy, cruelty-free life. “I went vegan to be able to live the healthiest and fittest life whilst also reducing cruelty to animals”, she says. “I have watched numerous documentaries … and read lots of articles … and I wanted to do my part to reduce the suffering of animals and the damage to the planet.” Stefanie runs the and also has a popular YouTube channel where she coaches people who want to make the compassionate switch to a plant-based lifestyle.