Rhodes Must Fall founder has received ‘a flow of death threats’

The university had to step in to discuss his health and safety

The founder of the Rhodes Must Fall campaign in Oxford, Ntokozo Qwabe, has had his fare share of coverage for his views of racism and free speech.

Since making a waitress cry “typical white tears” a month ago for telling her to “give back the land”, Qwabe has received so many death threats that Oxford have had to step in to make sure he is safe around the university.

Having issued a final statement on the tipgate incident, Qwabe claims there is “no freedom of speech in a black body” and said it is “just what (white) people in power allow”.


Ntokozo Qwabe

Upon his return to Oxford University for Trinity term to continue his postgrad studies, Qwabe has received multiple death threats. The death threats were so serious that he was called to meet with the Senior Dean of his college to discuss his “health and safety within the college, and Oxford more generally”.

He said the threats were “a flow of death threats and safety hazards directed at violating my bodily integrity”.

The statement was released through Daily Vox, as Facebook have permanently disabled his profile.

Qwabe claims he is in no way ‘racist’ as some of his “best friends are white”. A month ago Qwabe was embroiled in a row where he made a waitress in South Africa cry “typical white tears”. The waitress wasn’t given a tip but a message written on the receipt saying “WE WILL GIVE TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND”

He has said that the waitress’ feelings, Ashleigh Schultz who was distraught after the incident, were “irrelevant” to him.

qwabe (1)

He also said he has “been branded as terrorists in mainstream South Afrikan, British and other global media platforms”. He has been reported for hate speech, and will stand in front of the Human Rights Commission in South Africa. He has chosen to represent himself.

On these allegations he has said that they are no more than “meaningless white rants and asinine pastimes of aged academics”.