Revealed: Institute in Aberdeen is the worst club in the country

The people have spoken

After a vicious competition, The Tab can reveal that Institute in Aberdeen is officially been voted as the worst club in the country. The club, described as a nostalgic throwback to the music that middle-aged DJ your mum knew from work would play, came first in our nationwide poll last week. Institute’s queue is sometimes so long, you could almost finish Breaking Bad before you’re in. It smells of smoke, sweat and socks.

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Two years ago Institute hosted a St Andrew’s ball after party, only for a record number of fights to break out and 60 hip flasks to be confiscated.

The result formed part of an Aberdeen double-header, with Underground taking second place, which raises questions about whether there is a general distaste for Aberdeen’s club scene, or Aberdeen as a place. Forum in Nottingham was third and Oxford’s Lola Lo’s secured fourth.