Brummie is the ugliest accent in the UK

Over 8,000 of you voted in our poll

Birmingham has been crowned home of the ugliest accent in the UK.

The result comes from our poll of the UK’s ugliest accents, in which 8,052 people of you voted.

Over 1,300 declared their distaste for Brummie, making it the least attractive accent in the country.

Scouse came a close second with 1.1k votes, while Essex lagged behind in third with 724.

Rounding out the top five were the Black Country accent and the Posh accent, which received 554 and 465 votes respectively.

At the other end of the list, the Scots fared much better – with Edinburgh and Borders tying for the place of least hated accent with only 106 votes each.

The northernmost parts of England rounded out the top five accents which people find the least ugly: Northumberland had 107 votes, Cumbria had 112 and Cheshire gained 119.

Other rivalries were also laid to rest: Derry was four places uglier than Belfast, Yorkshire five places uglier than Lancashire, and South Wales a whopping six places uglier than their Northern cousins.

It could be worse, though – Scotland’s second city Glasgow came an embarrassing 19 places (out of 27) higher than Edinburgh.