It’s back: How to buy a bottle of prosecco from Sainsbury’s for £2.63

Go go go

A string of combinable promotions at Sainsbury’s online are allowing prosecco-thirsty customers to purchase fizzy for as little as £2.63. You will, until August 27th, be able to buy Sainsbury’s Valdo Prosecco Marca Oro for close to a third of its £7.50 RRP. The only catch is that you’ll have to buy six bottles and be a new customer. Don’t like prosecco? The offer extends to champagne too. Although you won’t be able to capitalise on the offer in Scotland because of alcohol promotion laws.

Pouring prosecco

Think of the discount boys

How to do it

After you’ve registered for your brand new Sainsbury’s online account, add the prosecco to your basket. It’s currently reduced to £7.50, from £9, until August 30th.

This is a good deal regardless, but Sainsbury’s are also running a 25 per cent off six bottles promotion. This means that your six bottles of Marca Oro prosecco come to a grand total of £33.75 (£5.63/bottle).

Now your new account comes into play. On orders more than £60, you can enter the code SCPPXTAM at checkout to get £18 off. Because of the small print terms and conditions, you will also need to purchase at least £18 of useless food for it to work.

Those same pesky Ts&Cs will also prevent you from adding more booze to reach £60, you’ll have to make up the difference with more food.

So add £28 of groceries, that you’d buy anyway, and your bubbles will have cost you a rather delightful £2.63.

Further tips

The last time we were able to stack these codes, back in May, stock quickly ran out and Sainsbury’s reneged on a lot of deliveries. To stand the best chance of securing discount fizz place your order quickly and book the soonest available delivery slot.

It’s also advisable to untick the “accept substitutions” box, to prevent Saino’s from subsituting in a pricier alternative.

Praise be to for spotting this deal, again.