Your gym leggings might be causing you health problems

At least they make you look cool

Athleisure has changed the way we slouch around while pretending we work out – but it may be doing more harm than good.

According to medical professionals, wearing exercise gear for longer than the time actually spent exercising can lead to a host of dermatological problems.


Skincare expert Dr Michael Eidelman told Mic that gym clothes “don’t breathe as well and hold sweat closer to the skin,” meaning an excess of warmth and moisture can build up.

One of the main issues to look out for is folliculitis, an inflammation of hair follicles caused by friction and tight clothes such as sports bras and gym leggings.

Furthermore, clothes which trap heat and sweat can also increase your risk of fungal and yeast infections, intertrigo (a type of rash) and breakouts of acne.

The article also notes the risk of sharing sweaty yoga mats, which can lead to eczema or fungal conditions such as tinea versicolor.

To avoid issues related to gymwear, Eidelman advises wearing moisture-wicking clothing, as well as showering and changing shortly after a gym.

Or maybe only wear gym clothes when you’re actually going to the gym.