The world’s biggest bouncy castle is going to be at Bestival

Yeah, you’ll probably fall off

Festival season approaches. For several long weekends you will bed down in a field, your mind falling out of your ears, exploring kaleidoscopic carnivals by night and slumped over a lukewarm cider by day.

bouncy castle

Quite big I guess

And if you’re going to Bestival, taking a tumble on a bouncy castle. This year, the world’s biggest bouncy castle will be installed at the festival, and you will likely fall off it. It’s 23.8 metres long and 20.7 metres wide, and we are assured that at 12.8 metres tall, it is taller than the Great Wall of China (NB: not longer. Taller). It can accommodate 100 people at once.

It’ll be at Bestival between 8 and 11th September. Make sure you make your pilgrimage early on as by day three it will likely be slick with beer and effluents. Though you will be too, so it might not matter. And bouncing up and down is pure, simple childish fun.