What’s the ugliest accent in the UK?

There are so many unpleasant dialects to choose from

The UK is a diverse place – and from the beaches of Kirkcaldy to the gardens of Kent, everyone has their own way of enunciating it.

The problem is, though, it often doesn’t sound very good. We’re a nation of people with ugly accents: whether you’re from Manchester or Belfast or London, you’ll never have the pleasant tones of a Spaniard or a Cypriot.

But there’s got to be an accent worse than yours – right? In the interests of fairness, we thought we’d put it to a vote. Choose wisely.

Contributions from Bobby Palmer, Daisy Bernard, Tom Jenkin, Craig O’Callaghan, Meg Davies, Roisin Lanigan, Jack Cummings, Phoebe Luckhurst, Grace Vielma, Oli Dugmore, Bella Eckert, Sara Kamouni, Isobel Cotogni, Sammy Tempo and Tom Murray