You can buy a t-shirt with Harvey Price on it for charity

A bespoke brand are donating proceeds to a children’s charity

After Katie Price’s son swore in an interview on This Morning show, Bowl Cut Garms decided to make a limited edition t-shirt and give the proceeds to charity.

The t-shirt and hoodie company printed Harvey Price’s face and the comment ‘hello, you cunt!’ to show their respect for the 13-year-old who suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness and a growth hormone deficiency.

Owner of the company, Joe Kapiche, joked with his graphic designer and co-owner that they should make the tee. Within five minutes it had been created and posted on Instagram.

A large number of people have been placing orders and the t-shirts are in high demand.

Joe told The Tab that Harvey “killed it in the interview and only said what was on his mind.”

He added: “We’re never going to eradicate discrimination from one tee or two social media posts, but by donating the profits to charity we hope it shows that Harvey was the one with the power and the majority of people were laughing with him, not at him.

“That’s years of frustration and using a word that he’s heard around him with no clear understanding of it other than its only to be used in certain situations. They read out a lot of the common insults he gets, I’m not surprised he unleashed the C Bomb.

“The cunts are the people mocking him. It was brilliant.”


The company produce reasonably priced limited edition clothing

The London based company was created in January and has since progressed from two people working at home.

The duo’s designer pseudonym is ‘Kapiche & Ashlash’ and their tees are regularly worn by celebrities such as My Nu Leng and and MC Dread.

The Harvey tee costs £19.99 and all profits are donated to a children’s charity.