How normal is your sex life?

Find out what you’ve tried and how kinky you are

Nearly half of students have done anal and over a third of us are big into choking, according to The Tab’s annual sex survey. But how normal is your sex life?

We quizzed over 12,000 students and graduates about their sex life, and the results confirmed just how dirty those deeds are.

The average student has fucked 8.2 people, with the male average at 8.9, compared to women’s 7.6. Just 10 per cent of us have slept with over 20 people, and nearly half of us have slept with fewer than five people, with five per cent  of students yet to lose their virginity.


Just under half of students have tried anal, at 45 per cent, with sex toys being just as popular. Threesomes are as rare as you might think, with only 10 per cent of students having had one.

Choking, BDSM, and role-play are the next most common kinks, with 39 per cent of us loving choking, with another 27 per cent of us fancying a whip or a chain every now and again. Role-play was almost as popular at 26 per cent, but gay and bi females seemed to be much bigger fans of it than everyone else, with a whopping 39 per cent of them acting it up in the bedroom [N.B. Gay and bi females are grouped together as there weren’t enough gay female respondents].

19 per cent of us have made a sex tape, with gay males and gay/bi females topping the list – nearly a quarter of gay males have made one.

Watersports, crossdressing for sex  and humiliation are the least popular, but by no means rare. Seven per cent of us love getting wet, and another five per cent of us like being told that we’re shit in bed by our partner. Crossdressing is the rarest, with only 1.4 per cent of students into it.

Photo: flickr

Photo: flickr

On average students have done at least two of the acts, with the kinkiest being gay males and gay/bi females. The most straight-laced are straight women, who have on average have done 2.1 acts, compared to 3.17 for gay males, and a colossal 3.44 for gay and bi women.

Same-sex experiences

How common are same-sex experiences? 79 per cent of straight men have never had one, with another 14 per cent having kissed another man. Another five per cent of straight men claim to have done oral or hand stuff with a fellow fella. Contrast that to straight women, where 51 per cent have kissed another girl, and another nine per cent have done oral and hand stuff. Just 39 per cent of women have never had a same sex experience at all.


Now the big awkward question: when did you lose your virginity? A shocking two per cent, or 216, of us lost our V-cards at thirteen or younger. The average age to lose it is just before your 17th birthday, just typically just after your GCSEs or in Lower Sixth. For girls that shifts to just after you turn 16, and guys typically lose theirs at a round 17 years old. 3.8 per cent of girls are still virgins, compared to nearly double the amount for guys, 7.3 per cent.

But don’t fret if you lose your virginity at 18 – 18 is when you’re most likely to lose your virginity, with 23 per cent of people losing theirs then. 19+ is less common, but by no means rare – over 14 per cent of people lost theirs when they were that wee bit older.


The Tories are concerned that you’re watching too much porn, and they might just have a point – just over half of men are getting out the cream and tissues over three times a week, and 77 per cent of us doing the five-finger fandango at least once a week.

Women are less regular porn users, with 41 per cent of them not watching it at all. But a fifth of all women use pornography at least once a week.


When it comes to sending nudes, the girls are at it much more than the guys, with 71 per cent of girls admitting to sending a dirty snap, with only 64 per cent of coy boys admitting to it. Even fewer have sent an out and out dick pic, with 59 per cent of men showing off their hardware.

Despite that, a similar amount of boys and girls have received nudes 78 per cent of girls have received a nude, compared to 79 per cent of guys – suggesting that maybe a select few creepy guys really are sending their unwelcome dick pics to all and sundry.


We’re also pretty safe, with 91 per cent of us never having had an STD. Chlamydia is the most ‘popular’ STD, with six per cent, or nearly 800 people, having had it. Herpes is next, with two per cent living with it. HIV/Aids is fortunately extremely rare, with only 30 out of 12,104 having it.


Pubic Hair

A colossal 96 per cent of women trim, shave or shape their pubic hair in some way, with only 199 students preferring not to trim their lady garden. Clean shaven is by far the most popular, with 63 per cent of women going smooth. Men are a different story – 86 per cent of them trim or shave in some way, but only 10 per cent go fully-shaven, with most preferring to trim their pubes.

Body positivity

As a whole, we’re fairly happy with our assets – 83 per cent of guys are happy with their penis size, with only nine per cent dissatisfied with nature’s gifts.

Girls, on the other hand, are much less satisfied with their boob size – only 69 per cent said they were happy with their curves, and a 27 per cent said they were unhappy with their breast dimensions.


Despite the prevalence of grindr and tinder, a sizeable 65 per cent of us have never used an app to get sex. 26 per cent of us have pulled off of tinder, and 73 per cent of gay men have used grindr to get some action.