Scouse is the most irresistible accent in the UK

Fuckin’ boss that kid


You can hear them a mile off, and when you do you know it’s going to be a good time. No accent carries as much joy and friendliness as Scouse.

As you head up the M6 and pass Crewe you’ll find them. Scattered across the North-West, the accent’s influence spreads far wider than just the edge of the city – although everyone knows if you try the accent on you’ll be called out as wool, no question.

What accent matches an incredibly defined stockpile of phrases with equally impressive inflection as well as the Scousers?

Not everyone may be as familiar with words like Bevvie, Jarg and Blert, but I’m sure the vast majority of the UK can recognise the familiar tone of a Scouser who’s about to kick off/has just been amazed.

Some may say the accent is uncouth, whiny, or evokes a sense of dread. Subsequently, Scousers seem to get a bad rep. The persecution they face from nightclub doormen on a daily basis is a tragic example of inequality in this country.

But let’s not forget that many of our greatest national treasures (ie The Beatles, Cilla Black and Stevie G) have all sported the accent, represented our nation and conquered the world of entertainment. There is just simply no-one more entertaining to listen to than a Scouser.

Who would want to have a Posh Southerner bang on about their latest ski trip, when you can listen to our kid talk about how he had 12 Garies and woke up in the skip round the back of Garlands?

Or, why have a Brummie send you to sleep with their damp, Osborne-esque tones, when a Scouser will definitely keep you awake for hours (and then probably take you out to Level). People say Scousers are hard to understand, but compared to Glaswegians it’s the Queen’s English.

There really isn’t any other accent quite like Scouse. If you’re lucky enough to settle down with a Scouser you’ll have years of living with one of the most attractive accents there is. Not only that, ever get into a scrap and you’ll find a Scouser can break up a fight just by mouthing off and shutting down anyone who has a go.

Go ed’ laa, it’s the obvious choice to make. Vote Scouse.

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