A Polish couple in their 70s went to Fabric this weekend

Clubbing isn’t just for young people

Nightclubs are for the young. They’re antic and crowded. Even as a young person, you’re not always convinced you like nightclubs that much.

Grow a pair: if a couple in their 70s can enjoy Fabric, then you can sink another Red Stripe and get on with it.

Last night, a septuagenarian Polish couple went to London club Fabric. London club Fabric: often populated by sweaty 20-somethings in ironic Kappa, hot Italian teens, and UCL second years with feverish brows and wild eyes, clutching bottled water. And on Sunday evening, a Polish septuagenerian couple showing them all up.

A picture of the pair of them at club night WetYourSelf is going viral on Facebook. The pair reportedly read a club review in a newspaper and decided to visit. They stayed until 5am, and were reportedly doing ballroom dancing on one of the club’s dancefloors.

“This amazing couple came to WYS at Fabric last night” wrote Jacob Husley, the director of the night, on Facebook this afternoon. “[They’re] both in their late seventies, [and] had purchased tickets online in Poland, after reading a club review of Fabric in the newspaper. They came when doors opened, and had already planned to take the Tube home when it finished at 6am.

“I told them they had free bar, two shots of tequila to start, but after that asked if they could have cups of tea. They were on the dancefloor doing ballroom-type dancing, although not [for very] long as she was using a crutch and didn’t walk to well… They stayed until 5am and we convinced them to take our offer of a free taxi home instead of waiting for the Tube. They said they had a great time and loved the crowd and vibe… What an amazing couple… So much humour, love and playfulness between these two… Our bodies might age but our souls are timeless. LOVE!”