We asked people in the City what they spent their first paycheck on

‘You need more suits than you can imagine’

You’d probably expect the average City worker to have spent their first paycheck on a Rolex, suits or Michael Kors. 

Turns out they mainly just love going on holiday.

Jess, 24, banking


“I saved up to go travelling. I had to save up for ages but it was so worth it. I ended up going round Asia, places like Thailand and Vietnam.”

Nikita, 21, banking


“I spent it on going away, I went on a holiday to Paris. Other than that I just used it for rent, paying off my student loan and going out – you go out a lot when you’ve got money.”

Jake, 23, retail


“I went on holiday to Spain with the money. I saved for about two months, I splashed a bit too much money on it then had to start off saving again pretty much afterwards. But it was great, I went with a group of friends as one of them has a flat in a small village just outside of Torre del Mar.”

Charlotte, 25, advertising


“I spent my first paycheck on work clothes. I had nothing appropriate for work. I had my one interview outfit and then I just needed really good shoes and blazers and stuff like that. My first job was in recruitment so I just didn’t have it in my wardrobe, and thankfully I’m in advertising now so I can wear whatever on the weekend. Once I’d got the work clothes, next priority was the pub.”

Evan, 22, accounting


“I used my first paycheck for the deposit on my flat. I needed a place to live so it was the first thing on my list, I had just been staying with family and friends before that, so it was fantastic to be able to get a place of my own.”

Neha, 25, banking


“I bought a double bed. It’s only a small double because my room’s quite small, but it was my first double bed ever so I was really excited about it.”

Antonia, 22, PR


“I bought a ticket to America, that’s where I’m from so I went back home for my first break and my first paycheck went to that whole trip. I went back to Philadelphia for a university reunion so it was really nice to go back and see everyone. I don’t think I was homesick until I went, it just felt like a dream and then when I got there it hit me.”

Ben, 18, Deutsche Bank


“I got suits. You need more suits than you can imagine, you can’t wear the same one every day. I had two and you kind of need four. They wear out really quickly because you’re sort out just sitting in the same position every day and you just wear them out. So, that was my first paycheck spent in Hawes & Curtis.”

Becky, 26, De Beers


“I used it on my rent. I wanted to get it out of the way, I needed to make sure my rent was gone. Everything else went on bills and savings. I don’t really spend money on clothes and stuff. I’m quite good with money, I’m not frivolous.”

Tom, 21, Production Assistant


“I made a dent in starting to pay off my massive debt. I cleared most of my debt within the first few months. Luckily I was crashing at a mates at the time, so I was able to focus on clearing the debt. The moment that was gone, I found a place and it’s all been plain sailing since then.”

Sydney, 22, accounting


“I spent it on a Michael Kors bag after I got a job at an accounting firm, I had wanted it for a really long time. It was worth it though because I still have it now.”

Oliver, 26, Barclays


“It was spent on rent and food. Things aren’t as glamorous as they used to be. I really poor beforehand, desperately poor. My first real job was at Barclays and I’m still there, it’s amazing.”

Sophia, 26, law 


“I took my parents out to a nice dinner, it was nice to treat them after they help me so much, we went out for seafood. I also bought myself a nice jacket for work, I didn’t get anything too crazy.”

Ellis, 23, accounting


“Just going out drinking, I felt I deserved a beer afterwards. Other than that I just spent it on rent and work clothes, not too interesting.”

Jessica, 22, PR


“I think my mum and me went shopping and I got a new handbag. It was the first time I’d ever earned money of my own so it was nice to be able to spend it on something for me.”