Alex Mytton from Made in Chelsea has made a video making fun of girls in summer

Guys he thinks we’re basic

Alex Mytton, ‘DJ’ and thoroughbred of the Made in Chelsea stable, has produced a video parodying the behaviour of girls in summer.

It starts when temperatures climb to a temperate 16.1 degrees. Mytton and a pal, dressed in quite unsophisticated drag (fake pigtails, pink jersey shorts, bikini tops) determine that these climes indicate summer’s arrival and therefore proceed to cavort across London, sinking rose, climbing into and out of cabs, playing with Snapchat filters, running after a balding man in a black vest and pink shorts, losing their phones, and getting a kebab.

Here is the full video.

The inevitable crescendo of the action is Mytton chucking up in a river while his pal holds back his acrylic pigtail and takes a selfie. Inadvertently, this pal knees Mytton in the arse and he falls in the river.

Production is sparse: hashtags fly across the screen (#Pre-Draaaaanks, #CabSelfie!!!, #EntranceonFleek) and it is set to the soundtrack of Baby Got Back.

Mytton hits the jackpot on ‘basic’ bingo: his references are the sort of obvious observations that people make about posh white girls in summer. To be fair to him – there is no smoke without fire. But he should invest in a better wig. No one’s doing blonde like that any more.