Snapchatting your trip to the polling station is silly, self-absorbed and insignificant

It’s a day about something bigger, and you somehow managed to make it about yourself

They’re quite significant really, elections. A rare opportunity to stick it to the man, or prop him up. It’s not hard either. You turned 18, likely a while ago, and sauntered down to the polling station to scribble on a piece of paper.

Some people a long time ago died for your right to vote, well done for using it. Or maybe you didn’t, fouling your ballot in disdain for our consensus politics. Maybe you didn’t even bother walking to the polling station. Either way, enjoy it. Democracy is a good thing whether you participate or not.

But if you did participate, you might have taken a Snapchat and optimistically sent it off to the global story. Waiting to see if you’re a strong enough mix of normality and mediocrity to appease the Snapchat brand consistency God. Why?

Probably for the 15 minutes of fame, or less than that. Your 10-second spotlight.

If, in 2006, you were a Palestinian who voted the wrong way in the Middle East’s first free and fair election I’d encourage a Snapchat, with a flag emoji – although you’d have to settle for the Israeli one. Or if you stood in front of the King’s horse, you could probably add a nice Epsom Geofilter.

You didn’t though. You Snapchatted your trip to the booth to say something about yourself. Virtue signalling, if you will. Most people with a brain larger than a lentil and a self-consciousness that isn’t anchored deep in Facebook can recognise that.

It’s a day about the bigger things, and you somehow managed to make it about yourself.