Kim Possible made me who I am today

She was the ultimate feminist role model

Back when Disney Channel shows were funny and informative, there was one show that trumped them all. Kim Possible was not only hilarious (Drakken and Shego delivered so many classic moments), but one of the best role models I had growing up.

kim possible

Nobody tells Kim to go back to her tin

First of all, she’s a redhead. When I was younger, I always hoped that I would grow up to look just like her, which was pretty aspirational for someone who spent their childhood being told to “go back to your biscuit tin.”

Let’s address something else important: Kim was a cheerleader, but she wasn’t portrayed like the cheerleaders in pretty much every other American TV show or film. She wasn’t a bitchy blonde who fawned over jocks and was obsessed with being prom queen. Kim was just, as the theme song invokes, “your basic average girl”.

She was down to earth, smart, and really nice, and a cheerleader. She was smashing those stereotypes. She made being a cheerleader look like a genuinely cool thing to do (hello, have you seen her tumbling?) and she’s probably the reason I started to cheer, to be honest.


Kim saved the world on a school night. She would defeat villains, while also getting all of her homework done, and generally being a top student. That screams #goals.

Think back to the other female TV characters we had growing up. Kim was definitely the best feminist of all of them. She gave no shits about the fact that the villains she fought were mostly creepy, middle-aged dudes: she backed herself She had sick combat skills. And she could SKYDIVE.

Plus, she was always really cool and capable, while her male counterpart, the lovable but completely useless Ron, was just a shitty sidekick. But she still let Ron tag along on all of her missions, let him bring his pet naked mole rat, and then even became his girlfriend, because she is just such a top gal.

Also, can we talk about how fashionable Kim was? Her “mission outfit” was iconic. It definitely can’t be replicated by mere mortals (aka real people), as I found out the hard way.

I'm ur basic average girl and I'm here to save the world

I’m ur basic average girl and I’m here to save the world

So basically, bring back Kim Possible. Disney need to re-launch this show pronto, because every young child (and adult) can definitely learn something from her. She’s smart, she’s sassy, and she’s a fucking badass.

And PLEASE can people stop making Kim Possible porn. It’s disturbing. I know she’s a hot chick, but she’s better than that.