Clubbers of the week: Bumper hometown clubs edition

This is how you’ve been partying this Easter

Easter. It’s a time for family. It’s a time for sombre reflection on how little of your dissertation you’ve done. And, of course, it’s a time to visit the hometown clubs you just can’t get enough of us.

Whether you’re from St Albans or Guildford, Yeovil or Staines, we haven’t forgotten about you. This is the clubbers of the week: a hometown special…

Most angular jawlines of the week

Most angular collection of jawlines

You could cut glass on these blokes

Best ’70s detective duo

Best 70s cop show

With jackets like this, crime doesn’t stand a chance

Most incomprehensible spillage

Most impressive spillage of the week

That must have been a big drink

Most successful pulling shirt 

Most successful pulling shirt

When the yellow straps come out, the ladies can’t resist

Saddest clubbers

Saddest clubbers

That face you pull when someone finishes your Grey Goose

Proof that fur gets the girls

Proof that fur gets the girls

Macklemore was right

BONUS ROUND: The hometown haircut

BONUS Hometown Haircut 2

BONUS Hometown Haircut 3

BONUS Hometown Haircut 5

BONUS Hometown Haircut 6

BONUS Hometown Haircut

Some blokes who are really proud of their snacks

BONUS Men proud of their snacks 2

BONUS Men proud of their snacks

Best. Engagement party. Ever.

Best engagement ever

Aw Craig, you got me sparklers!

Woah mate, we just want to take a photo

Fucking hell mate I just wanted to take a picture

Please calm down

Hahaha, classic Darren

Hahaha classic Darren

He’s always doing mad stuff like this

Look, it’s Busted!

Its Busted

I always used to fancy Charlie

On that note, One Direction are doing fine without Zayn

Turns out One Direction are doing fine without Zayn

Look at Niall’s cheeky smile

What the hell is happening here

What the fuck is happening here

This witch is going to kill us all

When you and bae get matching waistcoats

When you and bae get matching uniforms

Who wore it best?

When you get convinced to go out but you’re really tired

When you go out but youre rly tired 2 When you go out but youre rly tired

This guy has no idea what season it is

When you have absolutely no idea how to dress

I thought you meant seal clubbing!

When it’s midnight and you forgot you have a deadline

When you realise at midnight that youve got a deadline tomorrow

Yeah yeah one sec, I’m just doing the referencing

When you really want a solo picture

When you really wanted a solo picture

Not now, Sharon

When your girlfriend wants you to have matching fringes

When your girlfriend wants you to get the same fringe as her

Do I have to?

This girl’s boyfriend doesn’t know she’s out 

When your boyfriend doesnt know youre out

Lisa? I don’t know a Lisa

And this girl has decided polygamy isn’t all it cracked up to be

A girl whos suddenly rejected the idea of polygamy

You know what? This isn’t doing it for me anymore

Thanks to Batchwood St Albans, Winkers Chalfont, Air and Breathe Dartford, Oceana Watford, Pryzm Kingston and WonderWorld Milton Keynes for the photos