This is why Kappa is the best vintage sportswear label

Can we have the blue jacket?

Ellesse, Adidas, Fila – vintage sportswear is everywhere right now. But there’s something about Kappa that’s different from the others. It’s nostalgic and still unusual, it’s super casual but manages to be really sexy at the same time.

Founded as a sock and underwear firm in 1916, it became Kappa in 1967. By the 80s it was in the UK, the clothing of European sports teams and according to Dazed, it became a “symbol of equality in sports between men and women.” Then there were the Vicky Pollard days, but let’s forget those.

And now, the brand is having a revival. It may be nearly one hundred years on, but Kappa has stuck to its roots with its simple and tailored style. From the loaded female logo to the tracksuits that button all the way up to the waist – here are our favourite pieces from Kappa’s new collection.

Kappa-100 Kappa-86

Kappa-101 (1)Kappa-23Kappa-98 Kappa-119kapp43

tra1 Kappa-111kapp0 Kappa-38 Kappa-1 Kappa-65Kappa-14


Kappa-66 Kappa-7 Kappa-12Kappa-75Kappa-97Kappa-50 Kappa-35Kappa-25Kappa-19 Kappa-10 Kappa-73 Kappa-88 Kappa-106 Kappa-116Kappa-112

Kappa-11KAPPA2Photography: Aline Aronsky. Instagram: @Alineybean

Models: Robyn Harker (@Robyn_Harker), Marieca Pegg, Jamie Mason.

Styling: Daisy Bernard and Lizzie Thomson. 

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