Someone burgled George Galloway’s campaign bus last night

It has a big picture of his face on it

The London Mayoral race took a bizarre new twist last night when George Galloway’s campaign bus was broken into. It’s unclear what the thieves took. This afternoon, Galloway, who’s standing as a candidate for the Respect Party, tweeted:

The blue bus, which is branded with a giant picture of the fedora-wearing former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, has been the most news-worthy element of Galloway’s campaign so far.

Before last night’s criminal activity, George had reached out on Twitter in an attempt to find a driver for his bus.

Unsurprisingly, he had plenty of volunteers:

In fairness to Galloway, the £15 an hour he was offering is well above the median wage of a regular London bus driver, a mere £10. That obviously didn’t mean much to the people who broke into it though.

The story continues to develop – GG is live-tweeting the updates.