There’s just something about boys who wear caps

I really fancy them

Boy, cap, me: it’s a tale as old as time.

There’s nothing quite as likely to guarantee a double take on my part as a boy wearing a cap. I love them for a number of reasons.

Firstly: caps are stylish, don’t-care cool. I’m sorry, but they just are – anyone who thinks caps are boring now is ultimately in denial. They embody an attractive, laid-back attitude that suggests the guy doesn’t take himself too seriously. They’re blasé. They’re charming. They’re carefree.

They’re also quite 90s, which is a self-evidently great thing. Think Will Smith in Fresh Prince, 90s Leonardo de Caprio and Ben Affleck.

They work especially well backwards:


But forwards is fine too:


Also, boys in caps emit an aura of having genuinely needed to wear their cap for some alluring reason at one point or another. For instance, do they play an impressive sport when their hair needs to be kept out their eyes? Or have they spent time on some delicious beach where the cap was necessary sun protection? The ramifications of these options are very good. The sport implies talent. The beach implies a torso, a tan and good travelling tales.

They just make the guy look a bit cheeky really. A cap says – that person would probably have some interesting chat. He could probably make me laugh. He would probably be good in bed.


A cap can speak a thousand words. It conveys a whole attitude, a comprehensive worldview of chilled-out good times.

They will never get old. They will never lose their appeal because they are an immortal symbol of charisma and fun. Consider this a personal thank you, cap-wearers – stay fit.